Paige Spiranac Puts Max Homa on the Same Pedestal as Tom Brady and Kevin Durant 

Being the PointsBet brand ambassador, retired golfer turned social media sensation, Paige Spiranac recently revealed her top and worst picks on the sports entities. She released the video through PointsBet’s official Instagram account. 


Spiranac is now a social media sensation who uploads instructional golf content on Youtube. She has a huge fan base with 3.2milion followers on Instagram and has 269K subscribers on Youtube. 

Paige talks about max Homa 

“Max Homa recently won the Wells Fargo,” Spiranac said at the beginning of the video. “And he’s an absolute killer on the golf course, and the Twitter game to match.” 

Paige names her no. 1 social media athlete 

“He is funny, it’s engaging, it’s creative,” the former pro said about NFL Icon Tom Brady, as she ranked him as the no. 1 on her list to be the greatest in producing engaging content on social media. 

who is on the second spot? 

Spiranac named the star player of the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, as her second pick. “He loves some controversy,” she added about Durant‘s posts. “And I love that when I’m following someone.” 

who bagged the no 3 spot on paige's list? 

“Out of all robot golfers,” Spiranac said about Homa. “He’s not afraid to show some personality.” Unlike others, Homa uses Twitter to communicate with people. He often replies when people mention him in their conversations and posts. 

Who are the worst three social media icons on Spiranac’s list? 

“The worst coming at one two three is the Mahomes family,” the golfer said. “No explanation needed,” she further stated.  Spiranac was referring to the Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and his family.