Elon Musk wants to suspend Trump Twitter ban 

Billionaire Elon Musk said on Tuesday (10) that he would suspend the ban imposed on former US President Donald Trump from using Twitter if the deal to buy the social network comes to fruition. 

"I would reverse the ban," the billionaire said at a Financial Times newspaper conference, although  

he clarified that since he does not yet own Twitter, "it is not certain that this will happen." 

The Tesla owner's $44 billion offer to buy Twitter still needs the support of shareholders and regulators, but Musk 

has come out in favor of less content moderation and fewer restrictions on the social network. 

"I don't think it was right to ban Donald Trump," Musk said. "I think it was a mistake because it marginalized much of the country and ultimately resulted in Donald Trump not having a voice," he added. 

Trump was banned from Twitter and other social media after his supporters, spurred by his tweets alleging voter fraud, attacked the U.S. 

Congress on January 6, 2021, in a failed attempt to prevent Joe Biden from being certified as the winner of the 2020 presidential election. 

Musk said his stance is simulating that of Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey, who thinks permanent bans should be rare, reserved for accounts that are spam, fraud or run by software "bots." 

"That doesn't mean that someone can say whatever they want," Musk said. "If [people] say something that is illegal or simply destructive to