2022 Bill Maher Latest Tips for Kids: Bill Maher Suggests Kids Are Becoming LGBTQ Because It's "Hip" on 'Real Time' 

Last night on real time with Bill Maher, the HBO host dealt with a somewhat sensitive topic during its "New Rules" section of the show 

This suggested that the rise of the LGBTQ community is due to the fact that it is modern 

Maher said that a recent Gallup poll showed a rapid increase in people self-identifying as LGBTQ and allowed people to ask, "What's going on in it?" 

"It wasn't long before adults asked a child 'What do you want to be when you grow up?'" What profession did he mean? 

He then referred to the recent discovery of the ACLU that claimed that the controversy about abortion rights affected LGBTQ people more than heterosexual couples 

Admitting that we should always be careful to respect and protect others, Maher said, "One needs to say this - not everything is about you 

It's okay to ask questions about doing something new. Then they brought up the tendency to put young children on hormone blockers and how Sweden decided to end the practice 

"We're actually experimenting with children," Maher insisted, adding that we don't yet know what the long-term effects will be