Our Program

Innovations could be categorized into any one of several phases: the idea phase, the research and development phase, the prototype phase, the start-up phase, the market phase, or the scale-up phase. Our Programme is a structured motivational programme of practical encouragement designed at helping students from ideational to Start-up/market phase. We aid them to make their business ideas and concepts market- ready. Making an idea or concept market ready can be a serpentine process that can reach effective culmination only through knowledge coupled with right guidance. Our Start-up Programme aims to manage this process. A successful student could launch his start-up within 12 months or even less.

The areas currently supported by BIIC include ICT, Bioscience, Agribusiness and Agriprocessing, Chemistry, and Physics. The incubation period, currently we offer, is from 2 to 12 months. The period could be shorter if the innovation attains a success level early. During this period a student, depending on the nature of the project, is attached to any of the Schools or more than one school. However, if an innovation project is not on a success mode within three months, it is exited from the program.

Depending on the duration, a student is offered audited courses on IPR management, Technology commercialization, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Government Schemes/Policy, and Core/Elective courses recommended by the Department besides undergoing comprehensive business training.