YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth reveals that she has a baby in a video. Who is she?

Soft toy YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth recently shared adorable news with her 7.59 million subscribers that she’s a mom.

Here is everything you need to know.

Moriah Elizabeth breaks the news that she will be a mother

Moriah Elizabeth took to YouTube to reveal a secret she’s been keeping for quite some time.

The arts and crafts legend revealed in an 11-minute video clip that she is the mother of an adorable 10-month-old girl.

In the clip, Elizabeth mentions: ‘I have a son. I have a daughter, it’s just a secret son. Nothing crazy.

In addition, she confirmed that she found out about the pregnancy in late 2020. She added that while she wanted children in the future, the pregnancy was a “big surprise.”

Elizabeth also admitted the reasons why she didn’t want to talk about the pregnancy on her channel.

She added: ‘I kept putting it off because I was nervous about how you guys would feel about us not sharing that earlier. I didn’t want you to feel like I was trying to trick you. I hope you are not mad at me. I hope you understand why I waited so long to tell you.

The 27-year-old content creator further revealed the difficulties she thinks she will face raising a child due to her lifestyle.

She explained in the clip: ‘I had to decide if I was going to share about her, how I was going to share about her. I ended up going through my entire pregnancy and saying nothing.

The ever-loving YouTuber chose not to reveal her daughter’s name. She also expressed that she will rarely post her daughter’s content on social media to protect the girl’s privacy.

Elizabeth Moriah
YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth reveals that she has a baby in a video. Who is she?

Who is Moriah Elizabeth?

Moriah Elizabeth began her YouTube career in August of 2010.

He initially uploaded vlog-style videos, but later moved on to creating squishy toys and DIY-related videos. He gained prominence on the platform for his Wreck This Journal series and for releasing a book titled Create This Book.

Elizabeth is further recognized by fans for her ‘soft makeovers’ YouTube video. She also sells and promotes popular soft goods at the clips.

Although he is American, his location remains unknown. In addition, she is the daughter of a Peruvian-Italian father and a Caucasian mother.

Elizabeth has confirmed that she married her husband Jordan when she was just 19 years old.

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