YouTube star PewDiePie explains why his first days in Japan were ‘shocking’

PewDiePie has finally arrived in Japan. It’s been a long and arduous journey for the YouTuber, who first revealed his and Marzia’s transfer in September 2019.

The couple, however, encountered several obstacles. Their preparations were severely hampered by global travel restrictions, and they also struggled to find a safe way to move their two beloved pugs, Edgar and Maya.

All that changed in May 2022, when PewDiePie announced that he and his family had arrived in Japan. However, the first days in his new house were quite chaotic.

PewDiePie / via YouTube

PewDiePie remembers his first days in Japan

PewDiePie stated on May 15 that he, Marzia and the pets were doing “very well.” However, the family’s first days in his new house were unexpected.

“The first few days were a bit surreal,” said the Swede. “It was like, ‘We made it to Japan!’ first. We have arrived in Japan. the shit? We do not understand each other. Did we just migrate across the world to another country where we don’t speak the language at 30? I guess we did.

The 32-year-old acknowledged that moving away from family and friends required many sacrifices for the couple.

Ultimately though, it was what they wanted and they wanted to embark on a new journey.

What will PewDiePie do next?

Fans speculated that PewDiePie was preparing to move to Japan and retire from YouTube after originally announcing his plans. Although this is not the situation at the moment, he stated that he does not want to do the job indefinitely.

“Until now, I’m not interested in [retiring].” In any case, I would like to continue making videos. In the same way, I have been sharing everything that I have felt like sharing. I’m working on projects that I’m passionate about instead of just climbing for the sake of climbing.”

“It’s been awesome uploading videos every day for the last 12 years, but I don’t want to do it for another 12 years, okay?” To me, that sounds like a sad way to live.”

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