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YouTube joined other social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok in banning streamer Sneako after he broke community guidelines. The streamer had 1.2 million subscribers before its channels were removed. Niko Kenn De Balinthazy, 24, also called Sneako, has been banned from YouTube for consistently breaking our Community Guidelines. Lately, the streamer had become famous for his friendship with Andrew Tate and his controversial comments on topics such as mental health. Sneako posted the email he received from YouTube on his Instagram to his 381k followers who confirmed his ban from the platform.

The email said: ‘We have reviewed your content and found serious or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines. In this sense, we have removed your channel from YouTube. Towards the end of the email, YouTube added: “In case you think we made the wrong call, you can appeal this decision.” However, it is not known if Sneako plans to appeal the decision or not. This post has now been deleted. YouTube has said that Sneako’s ban was simply due to breaking community guidelines, but has not uttered a more specific word. In August, fellow streamer JiDion called out Sneako after making some controversial comments about mental health issues.

Controversial streamer Sneako was banned from YouTube for breaking community guidelines

Controversial YouTube streamer Sneako has been banned from YouTube and both of his accounts have reportedly been deleted. YouTube said Sneako committed “extreme” or “repeated” violations of its platform’s rules. Sneako is associated with another controversial YouTuber, Andrew Tate, who was also recently banned from the site. Andrew Tate and Sneako were recently together in Romania for a reported collaboration. Some of his followers believe that Sneako has been banned due to his association with Andrew Tate.

However, YouTube did not include this as a particular explanation. Sneako posted the email YouTube sent her about the ban on her Instagram account. The 24-year-old predominantly devoted his YouTube channels to discussing male lifestyles and offering motivational guidance. He would also post controversial videos on genetic conspiracy theories etc. Sneako has reported that he will now appear on the streaming service Twitch.

Why was he banned from Youtube?

YouTube has said that Sneako’s ban was for breaking community guidelines, but hasn’t said a more unequivocal word. In August, fellow streamer JiDion called out Sneako after making controversial comments about mental health issues. Posted on the Destiny YouTube channel, the video includes several streamers being asked questions while playing the game. One of Sneako’s questions was about his views on sharing mental health issues on YouTube. Here are Sneako’s thoughts on the subject.

“I think you get a lot of approval for talking about your mental health, crying and getting depressed. I imagine you can express crying in a video and say mental health issues. Twitter made me feel miserable. I was hoping to take a mental health break since I was on Twitter heavily. What’s more, they do since all the liberals will comment and say, ‘Oh my gosh, feel significantly better.’ Oh, I’m so happy you’re opening up. I am miserable too. I am miserable too. My therapist told me to know. And all he does is you thoroughly consider that it’s improving your mental health, but all he does is encourage it more and more. It gives you dopamine that others are like approving of your mental health issues.

When asked about a particular YouTuber, Sneako, at the time, backtracked on her comments which were later called out by JiDion, who said, ‘Brother, you can’t change like that, bro! That was terrible. That was terrible!’ Comments had been disabled on that video. It’s unclear if Sneako will return to YouTube or if he’ll later take over again if he wants to. For now, Sneako will continue to stream on Twitch and post to his Instagram account.

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