Why was JiDion arrested? Youtuber live streamed his arrest

JiDion was arrested and explained the reason on his live broadcast on Instagram. The prankster, who has more than 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube, is known for his wacky and funny videos. Fans were shocked after he live-streamed his arrest because no one expected this from him.

What did Jidion do?

The video begins with a bewildered JiDion telling viewers that he is going to be arrested for committing arson. Arson is an act of setting fire to someone else’s property or causing serious property damage. JiDion starts off by saying, “Hey, they’re trying to frame me for that fire.”

The police officer then explains the reason for your arrest, saying, “In some states, you can also commit arson on a car if you damage property as a result of acting recklessly.” “It is not necessary to directly set fire to the property,” the policeman added.

To this, JiDion explains himself by saying, I haven’t had shit in 72 hours so I went back to that IHOP, I didn’t want the bathroom to smell so I lit a candle so it doesn’t smell. JiDion is also seen reading the comments on her live stream as he abruptly ends as another police officer arrives and stops her.

JiDion was being arrested for lighting a candle in the restaurant’s bathroom.

However, he had no intention of wrecking property or committing arson, but police said an arson charge varies from state to state. Not much is known about his arrest or if he was actually arrested for this act of his.

Why was JiDion arrested? Youtuber live streamed his arrest

People reacting to the incident-

Many people came out to support the prankster and said that the reason for this arrest was completely unfounded.

One Twitter user wrote: “First day on a track or we riot.”

The JiDions live stream was posted by a YouTube channel called ReddCinema, it has over 28k views and people are constantly commenting “FREE JIDION”.

Another person commented saying, “Then let me clear this up. She lights a candle and wears febreeze because she was trying to be nice and the IHOP employees called the police. This is wrong on many levels. Ihop has been off my list for a long time and having his phone taken by the police is incredibly illegal.”

His fans on Twitter also continually tweet with the hashtag FREE JIDION.

Known for his hilarious pranks-

the 20 year old youtuber He has around 1.7 million subscribers and his videos are well loved on the platform. Many of his videos have over a million views. Her most famous video is titled “Taking a bath during an online class” and has around 6 million views. While her recent video ‘Is Thou Girlfriend Single’ has over a million views.

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