Why is ‘Happy Birthday Radha’ trending? Who is Radha?

Today you can clearly notice on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that something is trending and it is Happy Birthday Radha. Many celebrities and social influencers tweet about Radha. Meme pages are making various types of memes about Radha and in those memes, no one specifies who Radha is. Some big celebrities like sound sood, Ravi Sastri, Akshay Kumar, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Neha Kakkar, etc. They all tweet about Radha and in the tweets, one line is common which is Happy Birthday Radha. So who is this Radha?

But if you look at the tweets closely, you can clearly see that all the tweets from those celebrities are at the same time. From this, we can conclude that those tweets are fake. Even when we go to the official pages of the celebrities we cannot see the tweets about Radha.

happy birthday radha

So there you have it, all those tweets are fake. But then who tweeted them? Actually, meme pages are the main culprits here. They made this whole mess. Meme pages tweeted this with fake celebrity accounts and made this topic trending. Meme pages are famous for this type of work, when they have nothing to do, they just post this type of random staff. And like the behavior of wolves when a meme page shares something, others also do the same and a chain reaction begins. So don’t think about this too much because Happy Birthday Radha is not wishing a particular girl named Radha, Happy Birthday. So at the end of the day it is just a false hype created by the meme pages and that is the mystery of Happy Birthday Radha.

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