Why do fans think Taylor Swift’s song Midnight Rain will be about Joe Alwyn?

The most recent revelations of Taylor Swift’s Midnight song title accompanied a Joe Alwyn twist, leading Swifties to speculate about the song’s possible story. The thing about any Swiftie-driven speculation is that she usually has her roots in something concrete, and the most recent theory follows a similar example. At midnight on Wednesday, Taylor Swift (32) took to her TikTok account for one more slice in her ‘Midnights Mayhem With Me’ section to reveal the title of another song from her surprise album Midnights, due out on October 21. . This time around, the Gorgeous singer revealed that the title of track six is ​​Midnight Rain, and this is where the plot starts to get interesting.

Taylor Nation has long believed that their queen and her ‘boy from London’ began dating on September 28, 2016. Considering Taylor Swift leaving it up to ‘fate’, she revealed track six to be Midnight Rain. on what many believe to be the couple’s sixth anniversary. , it’s very plausible that the actual song in one way or another connects to a certain midnight with Joe Alwyn. However, the Swifties are nothing if not diligent, using receipts to back up the fan theory that Midnight Rain is about booing her 31-year-old Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift Fans Think Her Song Six Midnight Rain Is About Joe Alwyn

August has officially slipped away, and that means Taylor Swift fans are already counting down the days until her 10th studio album, Midnights, arrives, but Stans is already using this time, and the new content that follows, to relive a part . of her most beloved theories. Taylor Swift has revealed ‘Midnight Rain’, the title of track six from her upcoming 10th album ‘Midnights’. The reveal comes from the fourth episode of the artist’s new TikTok series, Midnights Mayhem With Me. She follows previous reveals from titles like ‘Mastermind’, ‘Vigilante Shit’ and ‘Question…?’. Taylor Swift’s most recent Midnight song title reveal came with a twist by Joe Alwyn, leading Swifties to speculate about the song’s likely history.

In addition to Taylor Swift reporting the title track six on her sixth anniversary with Joe Alwyn, who was also included on the TIME100 Next list where Ryan Reynolds spoke over and over again about the entertainer’s dancing skills and good heart, Swifties pointed out additional reasons to believe that Midnight Rain will revolve around her relationship with Joe Alwyn. Taylor Swift has written numerous songs about her supposed fiancé, something she and Joe Alwyn have managed to avoid commenting on, but the first of them appeared on her sixth studio collection, Reputation. A little ditty was called Delicate, which also happened to be the representative’s track six. Twitter user @swiftie1D13 put forward another fan theory about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s relationship timeline and how it relates to the recently revealed song title, tweeting: ‘Apparently the day they met after midnight in the back of a club, it rained all night. While some of Taylor Swift’s Easter eggs were more subtle than others, the Midnight Rain reveal was generally easy to decode.

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