Why did Steph Davis delete her boyfriend’s photos from Instagram? Her Breakup Explained

Famous soap opera actor from Hollyoak, a British TV show, Stephanie (Steph) Davis separates from Boyfriend Oliver. The relationship lasted 6 months. Do you want to know the full story? Read below!

Who is Steph Davis?

Former soap star Stephanie Davis (or Steph) deleted all photos with Oliver. The couple started dating in May. The first time the couple made their relationship official on social media was in June. The fans were really behind this news and congratulated them. Before meeting Oliver, Steph faced a breakup with Owen Warner in 2019 and she has been single ever since. Steph Davis had a relationship with Jeremy McConnell before. She is the mother of Ella Caben’s four-year-old son. Steph was looking for new projects and left Hollyoak’s last year. She played the role of Sinead Shelby on the show.

stephanie davis and oliver
Why did Steph Davis delete her boyfriend's photos from Instagram? Her Breakup Explained

While sharing the news of leaving the show, Steph said that she has loved bringing Sinead in front of the public for the past ten years. But with a heavy heart, he left the show and looked forward to new projects. He added that sometimes people tend to make decisions based on what they know is right and not what they want. The actress herself played the role from 2010 to 2015 and then returned in 2018.

Steph Davis breaks up with Oliver

Oliver works in a family owned bike shop in Liverpool. He was not publicly known. According to sources, Steph was dealing with trust issues with Oliver. This resulted in the separation of the couple. The president confirmed the news of the breakup. According to sources, due to trust issues, Steph Davis made this decision because she respects herself so much that she realized it wasn’t a smart move to stay in that relationship. The relationship wasn’t working out, but the couple spent an incredible six months together, according to sources. Additionally, he added that Steph is a strong and independent woman. She made the decision to walk away from Oliver.

In September, she opened up about the miscarriage she faced. She was 12 weeks pregnant with Oliver. Fans supported her and praised her courage to speak out about such an experience. She tried to raise awareness of this by speaking about her own experience for women facing the same loss.

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