Who Will Replace Max Kellerman On Espn’s “First Take” – Find Out Here!

On July 25, 2016, Max Kellerman joined ESPN’s First Take. He is now saying goodbye to the show after 5 years. Previously replaced Jump Bayless.

Max Kellerman’s Stephen A. Smith duo is apparently coming to an end.

ESPN’s “First Take” – An American sports talk show. This show was hosted by Max and A Smith along with Molly Qerim Rose for 5 years. This is a sports talk show from Monday to Friday. This program talks about current topics in sports and hidden and unnoticed news. Expert analysts and top sports and entertainment guests join the show regularly.

Tim Tebow is now in Max Kellerman’s shoes:

Kellerman’s last appearance was on Wednesday. Smith wished him luck. At the same time, he specified that Max is not right for him and acted as a catalyst to get him out. He had the terms for him to dictate the rules.
Now, Tim led the way to ESPN’s “first take.” After a break with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tim will arrive every Friday for this dream show with Stephen A. Smith, ESPN announced Thursday.

On August 24, Kellerman sat next to Stephen A. Smith on a 2-hour talk show for 5 years, but now ESPN posted on August 31 that Max Kellerman will be leaving the show at the same time and joining the radio show morning. Also, ESPN announced that there will be Tebow on Fridays and Irwin on Mondays with Stephen A Smith as he takes Max.

Max Kellermann
Who Will Replace Max Kellerman On Espn's "First Take" - Find Out Here!

Tim previously worked for ESPN as a soccer analyst. His Heisman trophy, two championships in college and he chose the NFL as his career. In addition, in the New York Met minor league system he played professional baseball.
After being let down by the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, it looks like he’ll be appearing on First Take with Stephen on Fridays. Additionally, First Take has also positioned Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin in Monday’s First Take.

There will be rotation between the casts with Stephen A. Smith. Alongside Mina Kimes, Kendrick Perkins will be featured on the show. While Molly Qerim Rose will be the moderator.

Where is Max staying now?

At this time, he hosts the Max Kellerman Show on Radio ESPN. In addition, he was the presenter of “Around the Horn”. He has strong roles on ESPN. He also joins the morning show on ESPN radio. ESPN pays him nearly $8 million each year. This amount is higher than that of Mike Greenberg. His new TV series and boxing show are on the way. He’s going to be an analyst with Jay Williams on his morning show which is now called JWill and Max.

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