Who was Danish Baig? Astroworld victim who died ‘trying to save’ his fiancée

Danish Baig was one of eight victims who lost their lives at the recent Astroworld concert in Houston.

Danish Baig’s family’s reaction –

Danish Baig and his fiancee Olivia Swingle went to attend the concert. He lost his life while trying to save Olivia from the ruthless mob. Ammar Baig, who is Danish’s older brother, tells PEOPLE: “He managed to take it as far as she could go. Somehow the ambulance managed to get to her and then when they got to my brother they tried to revive him. And they said that before he got to the hospital, he couldn’t do it.” He also added, “People started beating them, people started beating her fiancée, he started (doing) a lot of things with her. She is bruised, and he was trying to save her. And there was no one there to help him.”

Danish Baig family
Who was Danish Baig? Astroworld victim who died 'trying to save' his fiancée

Danish Baig traveled from Dallas to Houston to attend the Travis Scott concert. His brother Basil Baig, who attended the concert with him, wrote about his tragic loss on Facebook. He said: “My brother was killed in this horrendous Astroworld event that was mismanaged and overseen by such horrible people.” He also added: “I was there and I couldn’t save my brother.”

The official Instagram user of KHOU 11 News Houston posted a heartbreaking video of Basil Baig. In the video, he is seen crying for his brother and says: “Travis Scott and his team and all associates in the event should and WILL BE RESPONSIBLE. The [didn’t] stop the show even with people singing to stop the show. He allowed it. This was a bloodbath and everything is in their hands.”

The poorly organized event

Several videos have gone viral on Instagram showing that the event was very poorly organized. In one of the disturbing videos, paramedics were taking an injured person to the hospital right in front of Travis Scott as he sang. It is also reported that the number of people was much more than the normal capacity of the venue. A large crowd of people yelled at the organizers, bodyguards and cameramen to stop the event, but they did not stop immediately. It is questionable how neither Travis Scott nor his team saw the ambulances entering the area.

Kylie Jenner, who was present at the concert, posted a story on Instagram while the ambulance was clearly visible in the video, surprising that she did not react, but went on to record the event.

Survivors spoke about their experiences.

People have posted about their experiences on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Alex Guavin, who attended the concert, told CNN: “Once (the concert) started, all hell broke loose. All of what will be 50,000 people rushed to the front, compressing everyone with the little air available.”

Seanna Faith posted about her experience on Instagram, saying, “It just got harder. Impossible to breathe, since our lungs were compressed between the bodies of those around us. More people started screaming for help, some started to collapse. The music continued.” She also wrote how she tried to get help but no one helped her.

Anita Amper (23) told CNN: “Everything started to happen. The people went crazy. I realized that people were dying.”

Many people blame Travis and his team for the stampede. People are furious about the incident and want to be held accountable for everything. However, the investigation is still ongoing, while the families of many victims have decided to file complaints against the organizers and the singer.

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