Who killed Trina’s niece, Baby Suga? 17-year-old teen shot to death in Miami

Tragically, rapper Trina lost a member of her family.

What happened to Baby Suga, Trina’s niece?

On July 20, 2022, his niece Baby Suga was shot and died, according to sources. Trina, whose real name is Katrina Laverne Taylor, has been silent since her niece passed away. On the morning of July 20, there was a shooting in Liberty City, Miami, along Northwest 13th Avenue and 62nd Street. One of the victims, Baby Suga, died instantly after coming into contact with the gunshots. The condition of the other two victims, who were also taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, is unknown at the time of this writing.

According to a statement released by the Miami Police Department, they arrived at the scene of the shooting quickly around midnight. They arrived to find a girl who had been shot and later pronounced dead. “Two more gunshot wounds also arrived at JMH, but were removed separately,” they continued. The motive for the shooting is still being investigated.

Police are currently investigating

Police are currently investigating a black Mercedes SUV that was found near the scene of the shooting and had gunshot damage. Authorities have yet to formally confirm whether the attack was random or intentional, but TMZ claims she may have been in the “wrong place at the wrong time.” Trina first appeared in Trick Daddy’s song Nann Nia, which significantly increased her popularity. Slip-n-Slide Records eventually made him an offer for a record deal. She released Da Baddest Bch in March 2000 and it immediately shot to the top of the US Billboard 200 chart.

Who killed Trina's niece, Baby Suga? 17-year-old teen shot to death in Miami

Taylor’s second studio album Diamond Princess began in 2001 and was completed in August 2002. Her third album Glamorest Life was released in October 2005. She left Atlantic Records in May 2007 and joined EMI. In April 2008, she released her fourth album, Still da Baddest. Amazin’, her fifth album, debuted at number 13 on the Billboard 200 chart when it was released in May 2010.

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