Who is this Brad Boyton? African Amazon delivery man abused by a white man

Nickolas Mayrant, an Amazon associate driver exposed yesterday to racial discrimination. Nickolas was an African man who came to deliver a package. A white man named Brad Boyton, who also works at Amazon. He complained about Nickolas over the phone to his colleague while he verbally abused Mayrant. He continued to insult the N-word for walking on the grass after handing her the package.

The viral video of this incident was recorded near the doorbell. Also, Boyton sends this to his colleague, the station manager at Amazon. This results in Mayrant’s suspension indefinitely. Also, he sends this Doorbell video as proof that Nickolas messed up but turned upside down. Now, Brad Boyton has been in the position of accused on all social media platforms. In addition, Brad also took photos of Nickolas.

This created a revolution on all internet platforms. A civil rights attorney, Benjamin Crump, says, “Why is Nickolas being kicked out by Amazon while he is the victim of this harassment?” “This is unacceptable!”

Who is this Brad Boyton?

Brad Boyton is also a staff member for Amazon North Carolina, Cornelius. Due to Boyton’s racial behavior, his LinkedIn was disabled. This shows that he is working as a Program Manager at Amazon Transportation Services.

brad boyton
Who is this Brad Boyton? African Amazon delivery man abused by a white man

Nicholas suspended?

As reported by Revolt, Nickolas has been on false charges. He was to blame for breaking Amazon’s policies. This includes car parking on the grassy area. However, Nickolas awkwardly parked his truck alone on the street.

A GoFundMe campaign featured as Nickolas said, after waiting no more than 20 seconds, Brad Boyton closed the door as he tried to deliver his package.

On top of that, Nickolas’ sister shared an Instagram post along with a revealing caption from her brother. Heather Rose says that her brother was fired from his job. The reason for the dismissal includes asking why she is taking photos of him and falsely accusing him of walking in the grass area.

People from all over the world began to support Mayrant for her false accusations made by Brad Boyton.

His sister is asking for help to come forward legally and support her in obtaining justice for her brother.

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