Who is Park Hae Soo? The ‘Squid Game’ actor behind the character Sang Woo

After Sang Woo’s iconic performance in Squid Game on Netflix, Park Hae-soo is going viral and spreading all over the world. Now, many are eager to find out more about the character. In this article, we will give a brief knowledge about the viral history and what really made it so popular. Let’s start!

First of all, this popular series explains the story of a group of contestants who enter a competition. They go against each other with the endless hope of getting the cash prize that would surely change their lives.

Also, for some out of 456, it’s a life-changing decision, but for others there’s a deadly problem waiting to be taken on. On Netflix, Squid Game premiered on September 17, 2021.

Meet Sang Woo:

In The ‘Squid Game’, Park Hae-soo acts as Sang Woo. He is a childhood friend of Gi-hun, a neighbor who attends the best university in South Korea. In this series, Park is an investment banker who stole money from his clients and eventually lost it in the stock market. He now he became a person who wants to rectify the wrong deed he did. He therefore decides to win the cash prize not just to pay back some of his clients. But, also to avoid getting nab. Also, he wants to keep his mother’s house and business. So he’s trying his hand at this.

Squid Sang Woo Game
Who is Park Hae Soo? The 'Squid Game' actor behind the character Sang Woo

Previously, this month before, Squid Game is a debut in Netflix which eventually reached number one in the UK.

Park Hae-soo talked about the ideal role he played in the name of Sang Woo. He says that he was directly inspired by analyzing the script along with numerous conversations with the director.

In addition, he also tried to take inspiration from all the people who are in his life. Also, he draws inspiration from the people around him. He inspires by saying, as this is a competitive culture, he also goes out of his way to be inspired by them too!

The character behind Sang Woo: Park Hae Soo

Park Hae-soo, a 39-year-old South Korean, started his career in the year 2007. His career began in a musical called Mister Lobby. In most of it, his acting roles have been in South Korean shows. It is worth mentioning that his popular role as Kim Je-hyuk in the Korean TV series called “Prison Playbook” is successful.

Although he took big breaks in his career, he still appears in the famous upcoming series Money Heist, Ghost, Yacha, Surinam, etc., on Netflix.

In 2017, Park Hae-soo started dating a non-celebrity. They met through a mutual friend. After two years, the actor proposed to her. Therefore, he happily got married on January 14, 2019.

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