Who is Neil Macdonald? How did Neil Macdonald’s brother die?

Recently, Neil MacDonald’s brother, Norm MacDonald, died. He died of leukemia. He was the brother of Neil MacDonald, a journalist. Here he discovers why, how and who he is.


Neil MacDonald is a Canadian journalist born in 1957. He was born in Canada. He is the son of a military man, Percy MacDonald. His father served in the Indian Army during World War II. He has one more brother named Norm MacDonald. Norm MacDonald is a comedian by profession. He also married a journalist girl. his wife’s name is joyce napier. She is the head of the CTV news bureau.


Neil MacDonald is a Canadian journalist. He joined the Canadian Parliament in 1988. He served there for five years. One time in 2003, he gets involved in a public dispute with Canadian Media. Neil MacDonald once led a CBC investigation into the United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry. He investigated the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. In 2014, he criticized CBC employee Linden Maclntyre. He criticized her because of her comments about the Jian Gomeshi incident. After spending 17 years in the United States in 2015, he returned to Canada. He continues to produce articles for the CBC site. In 2004, MacDonald received the Gemini Award for his political violence in Haiti. In 2009, he was awarded “Best Reporting” Gemini for his work during the 2007 American economic crisis.

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Who is Neil Macdonald? How did Neil Macdonald's brother die?

How did Norm Macdonald die?

Norm MacDonald was an American-born comedian. He got a big name on Saturday Night Live. He recently passed away at the age of 61. His brother Neil confirmed this news on Tuesday. He died in Los Angeles due to leukemia. He was diagnosed with leukemia a long time ago. His brother Neil revealed that he did not go public with this news and kept quiet because he did not want to affect his comedy. His brother confirmed, “I didn’t want that to affect the way he was perceived. I wanted to continue. He went to great lengths to hide it from everyone except his family. Cancer is a roller coaster. We expected him to live longer than he did, but last month he got worse, he went to the hospital and never came out.” He is a great comedian.

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Who is Neil Macdonald? How did Neil Macdonald's brother die?


Many friends, fans pay tribute to the comedian shortly after the news of his death went viral. They pay tribute to him through social networks. Many celebrities like Steve Martin, Passon Oswalt, Jim Carrey, Seth Rogen, etc. Different celebrities adore him and consider him the ideal of him. They pay tribute to him through different messages on social networks.

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