Who is Matthew Wurnig? TikToker quits his job to date 50 women from every state in the US

One TikTok user, Matthew Wurnig, is going viral on the app for quitting his job to date 50 women from every state in the US. Well, literally, TikTok can have any type of content and it can go viral forever. users find it interesting. But recently, TikTok user Matthew submitted content about dating 50 women from every state in the US This certainly sounds unique, and this is what it’s all about.

Read on to learn more about how Matthew Wurnig went viral for quitting his job to date 50 women.

Matthew Wurnig goes viral on TikTok

We all know how popular TikTok has become over the years. With almost all kinds of content in the application. We come across different challenges, hacks, stories and everything on TikTok. Well recently we have someone on the app named Matthew Wurnig who is becoming popular due to his unique content idea.

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Matthew has recently become a TikToker after quitting his job. But if you think it has come up with some challenge for users, it hasn’t. Since he has decided to date 50 women from every US state, users are certainly surprised to see the TikToker.

Who is Matthew Wurnig?

Matthew Wurnig is a 25-year-old from Montana who is becoming popular on TikTok these days. He has been on a mission to date 50 women from 50 states in the United States. The idea of ​​dating different women in states across the US hit him during lockdown.

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During the pandemic, Matthew, out of boredom, ended up using the dating app Tinder. But as soon as he was out of lockdown, he continued his dating adventure and met the girls in person, which was previously happening virtually. For doing this he has even quit his job.

Matthew documents his dating experience on TikTok

Although before trying the dating app, Matthew only had a few dates. After the pandemic, he began documenting his dating journeys with different women in the US on his TikTok account. In fact, that has also given him 551k followers on TikTok.

On her dating journey to 50 US states, she also dated via helicopter and hot air balloon. Not forgetting that he has already completed 100 dates in six months. Although he does not plan to stop doing it anytime soon.

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