Who is Lady Gaga’s boyfriend? Are Michael Polansky and Lady Gaga dating?

People ask about Lady Gaga’s mystery man, who is Lady Gaga dating? This is Michael Polansky. He is a renowned technology entrepreneur. The media have seen both of them many times in public. However, they have also been active on social media. They met last year. However, their relationship became official last year when they posted about it on Instagram. Previously, people didn’t know much about Michael Polansky. But, after he struck up a relationship with the stunning Lady Gaga, he made headlines. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta posts very often about him and Lady Gaga. This is the source for more information on Michael Polansky.

Born on March 28, 1986, Lady Gaga has won millions of hearts as one of the most famous American singers. Shee has also been in relationships with other celebrities. She has won 12 Grammy Awards, 1 Academy Award, 2 Golden Globe Awards, 1 BFTA Award. She also is the founder of the Born This Way Foundation. Furthermore, Lady Gaga has 16 Guinness World Records registered in her name.

Are Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky Dating?

Co-founder of the Sean Parker Cancer Immunotherapy Institute, Michael Polansky has been dating Lady Gaga since last year. Michael is the new mystery man of the American singer. He is also the executive director of the Parker Foundation. He has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard. When they met in 2020, they started dating shortly and did not reveal this openly for three to four months.

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Who is Lady Gaga's boyfriend? Are Michael Polansky and Lady Gaga dating?

The link that united them both is Sean Parker, co-founder of Facebook and very close friend of Michael. Parker organized events in Los Angeles and at one of those events, Lady Gaga met Michael. After making the announcement of their relationship, they went on vacation to Miami and were later seen in Las Vegas as well. After having a bad relationship experience last time, Lady Gaga didn’t think that she would fall for someone so soon. But as they say “Love finds you at the most unexpected moment”, the same thing happened with her.

At first, they gave their relationship time to understand each other. For this reason, they distanced themselves from social networks. They spent the lockdown together and enjoyed each other’s company. Also, they used to share their photos together playing video games, cards, etc. The couple also attended Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration. On Lady Gaga’s 35th birthday, they were together.

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As I already mentioned, Lady Gaga was also in a relationship with other celebrities. She was in a romantic relationship with Dan Horton in 2019. They used to work together because Dan was her audio engineer. She assisted Lady Gana in the release of her 16th album. But after a few months, they broke up and thus broke up.

Christian Honey

According to some rumours, Lady Gaga and Christian Honey they were in a serious relationship. Rumors also say that they got engaged. The media saw them together at the Kings of Leon concert. However, their relationship came to an end after a few months and they also broke up.

Christian Carino
Who is Lady Gaga's boyfriend? Are Michael Polansky and Lady Gaga dating?

Bradley Cooper

Thanks to Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga separated from Christian Carino. The couple was very serious with each other and also kept their relationship a secret from each other. But for the reason well known to them, they parted ways. She also dated Taylor Kinney a few years ago, but that relationship didn’t work out either.

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