Who is Jose Casimiro? What does Landon Mcbroom’s Instagram story say?

Previously, Landon McBroom and his ex-fiancée Shyla Walker were in the news about their breakup. But recently, attention has turned to Joe, who is a friend of Landon’s. Landon fans are eager to know more about him. There is also an ongoing war on social media. We saw Shyla posting videos of the truth and then Landon and her friend responding backhandedly through her stories. One name in the news is Joe, Landon’s friend. He is in conversations with everyone about how he relates to the couple etc. So, let’s find out more about them in this article.

Landon and Shyla’s marital status-

Landon and Shyla share a YouTube channel. The couple has more than 3 million subscribers on their channel. This year, in May, the couple separated. Shyla recently obtained a restraining order against Landon. While Shyla has put accusations to Landon through a video. The title of the video is “The Truth”. In this video, she alleges that Landon kidnapped his daughter Soutine. She also accused Landon’s mother and friend, Joe.

Landon Mcbroom with Shyla
Who is Jose Casimiro? What does Landon Mcbroom's Instagram story say?

Landon McBroom Instagram Stories-

On Wednesday, Landon shares some videos on his Instagram story. In his story, you can see a conversation between Shyla, his mother, and him. This conversation is similar to the video that Shyla is recording. In the conversation, Landon’s mother is seen talking about her breakup. After all of this, Landon’s friend Joe tells a story as well, saying, “We never intended to do this, but now the whole truth has to come out. See you soon.” It seems like a threatening post, but everyone is waiting to see what happens next.

Who is Joe?

Joe’s name is Joseph Casimir. He is a videographer and film director by profession. Additionally, he previously used to create content for Shyla and Landon’s YouTube channel. His YouTube channel name is “This is L & S and The Ace Family”. joe comes from saint paul

, ca. In childhood she used to make videos for her friends, family at different parties and events. After making such videos, she becomes interested in film making.

So, he started chasing him. He has also worked with many musicians in the early stages of his career such as Tory Lanez, King Lil G and Lil Baby. Joe started working for Landon in 2018. On his Instagram, he has about 29 film-related posts in which there is a photo with some influencers and stars and some show behind the scenes of different shoots. He has around 191 thousand followers on Instagram.

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