Who is Jackie Miskanic? ‘Victoria’s Secret’ singer Jax goes viral on TikTok

TikTok is making singer “Jax” go viral on the app with his famous song “Victoria’s Secret”. TikTok, aside from offering some fun videos, is also a great platform to promote a song or something similar. Recently, we have seen Jax’s new song go incredibly viral on the app. But why is this so?

Read on to learn more about how singer Jax goes viral with her song “Victoria’s Secret” on TikTok.

Who is becoming popular Jax on TikTok?

Jax, who is becoming popular on TikTok these days, goes by her real name as Jackie Miskanic. He is a singer and also a tiktoker. Her journey as a singer even landed her on the singing reality show American Idol. She where she was seen in the fourteenth season of the show. While she has also released many of her songs so far.

However, lately it is becoming popular on TikTok. Although he also has thousands of his followers on Instagram and YouTube. However, the new release of hers recently is driving TikTok crazy after that. Well, it’s her new song “Victoria’s Secret” that is conquering everyone’s hearts.

Jax’s song “Victoria’s Secret” is trending on TikTok

Since TikTok is the new platform, artists love to promote their releases. Jax also took the help of the platform to promote her new song “Victoria’s Secret”. The release came out on July 6 this year. Although since then it has become the new obsession on the internet.

The Victoria’s Secret song is actually about body love. What emphasizes more on how to look in perfect shape, women often end up making the wrong health decisions. While her body is already perfect in its own way. The lyrics of the song are causing a stir on the internet and especially on TikTok.

User reaction to Jax’s song “Victoria’s Secret”

Jax’s song “Victoria’s Secret” is going viral on TikTok. While her lyrics are making him fall in love even more. The most important thing is that women appreciate the song very much. In fact, users have also commented on the viral video expressing their opinions about it.

As some believe, the song is a “hymn for women”. While others have loved the way the song talks about loving the way we are. Instead of changing it for something we are not. Meanwhile, the song is getting millions of views and likes from everyone on TikTok.

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