Who is Ellie Harlow? Youtuber Vikkstar is officially engaged, shares photo on Instagram

Popular YouTuber Vikram Singh Barn, Vikkstar, got engaged. Through his Instagram post, he informed his followers about this good news. On YouTube, a video streaming platform, he is popular for his association with the Ultimate Sidemen Group.

Recently, an announcement made by Vikkstar made the latest headline when he said that he will not be playing Call of Duty: Warzone from now on. People started to know about Vikkstar’s girlfriend after he uploaded a photo together on Instagram. We explored the details of his girlfriend and realized that she enjoys living his life while staying out of the public eye.

Vikkstar has 7.45 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Upload a photo of him and his fiancée to spread the word of their engagement on Instagram. He wrote a caption: “We are engaged! These years together have been magical, here are many more”.

Who is Vikkstar’s fiancee?

Fans were aware of the YouTuber’s relationship since February 2021. Vikkstar never revealed his girlfriend’s name on the public platform. YouTube, 26, has been sharing a very strong bond with his girlfriend and now it will soon become a marriage.

According to sources, Vikkstar’s future girlfriend’s name is Ellie Harlow. This news does not receive any confirmation because the social media star has never tagged her in any of her photos. We tried looking for her fiancée on her Instagram but couldn’t find her.

Several times Vikkstar was asked to feature his girlfriend in his YouTube videos, but he denied it. According to him, her fiancee does not like to open her private life on social networks and she feels that this would put her privacy at risk.

According to sources, Vikkstar’s fiancée’s Instagram username is @ekharlow but it is a private account. She prefers to stay away from stardom.

Fan reaction to Vikkstar engagement

After learning of popular YouTuber Vikkstar’s engagement news, fans were overjoyed for the couple. Fans reacted when Vikkstar proposed to his fiancee on the beach along with candles and rose petals and filled the comments section with well wishes and congratulatory messages.

Some of the reactions from fans on Instagram are as follows:

Ellie Harlow and Vikkstar

While some of the fans reacted on Twitter. Take a look below to explore the best wishes for Vikkstar and his fiancée from fans.


“@Vikkstar123 congratulations!! 🥺❤”

“Very good 🥰 very happy for you two xxxx”

“Congratulations to both!!! Very, very happy for you 🥳”

According to sources, before Vikkstar started dating Harlow, he was in a relationship with Kayleigh Woodley since 2015. They reportedly broke up in 2017.

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