Who is Dan Petrescu? His net worth from him and how his plane crashed and he died?

Recently, Dan Petrescu dies in a plane crash of his own. He died near Milan. Dan Petrescu is a billionaire and real estate developer. Let’s find out more about his net worth, cause of death, etc. in this article.

Who was the Roman billionaire?

Roman Billionaire is the richest man in Romania. He is a 68 year old man. Roman is a real estate developer by profession. He owns a chain of supermarkets and shopping malls. He has Romanian and German citizenship. His wife’s name is Queen Dorotea Petrescu Balzat. She is 65 years old. The couple has a son. His name is Dan Stefan Petrescu. Dan Stefan Petrescu is a 30-year-old man. He is a researcher by profession in Canada.

Dan Petrescu
Who is Dan Petrescu? His net worth from him and how his plane crashed and he died?

Dan Petrescu Net Worth-

Dan Petrescu’s net worth is estimated to exceed one million euros. He earns all of his income through his real estate investment and development business. Den also owns a stake in UniCredit Tiriac Bank. He also has a partnership with former tennis player Ion Tiriac. Together they invest in different companies. After being so rich, he still doesn’t show his wealth. Due to this nature, he is titled “The Billionaire’s Shadow”.

The death of Dan Petrescu due to a plane crash-

On October 3, billionaire Dan dies in a plane crash. It was very sudden and shocking news. Reports say he was traveling on his private jet. And suddenly, his private plane crashed. The plane crashed into an empty office. The block was located in the city of Milan, in northern Italy. The accident caused the death of 8 people. Dan Petrescu is the pilot of the plane. His plane has a single-engine Pilatus PC-12. His wife was also present on the plane. The plane took off from Milan’s Linate airport around 1:00 p.m.

This was reported by the ANSV aviation agency. According to Correire Della Sera Newspaper, the plane’s black box was recovered. The plane was traveling to Olbia on the Italian island of Sardinia. The plane catches fire immediately after crashing. The investigation is being carried out by the Italian National Flight Safety Agency. Petrescu’s elderly mother was waiting for Dan Petrescu, his wife and his friends, but they never got there.

Den buys this plane in 2015. He brought the plane in partnership with Viva Cohn. Vova Cohn is a shareholder of Dinamo Bucharest football club. While the identities of 6 other people are still unknown. But there is information that there was a little boy of almost 1 year. The investigation continues into the accident and all that.

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