Who is Corey Benjamin? Is Latira Shorty Hunt related to Corey Benjamin?

The incident in the video featured a teenage girl punching an opponent in a basketball game. According to NBC Los Angeles, Latira Shorty Hunt, the teenager’s mother, has been accused of encouraging her daughter to do the deed. A few weeks ago, Corey Benjamin, who is a former NBA player, apologized for the action of his teenage daughter. After he hit an opponent in the basketball game.

The video of the teenager hitting an opponent went viral on the Internet. Here are the details on Corey’s relationship with Tira.

latira shonty hunt relationship with corey benjamin

Latira Hunt is the mother of that teenager, who has not been identified. Latira is a 44-year-old woman. She is from La Puente, California. Shonty Hunt is in a relationship with Corey as the mother of Corey’s teenage daughter. This fact is still unknown, if Corey and Latira have been married or ever had a relationship.

In the following incident, Corey addressed Latira in the statement as the mother of his daughter. Latira is reportedly facing charges for the incident. It happened in the city of Garden Grove, near Los Angeles. The Orange County district attorney told the New York Post that Latira allegedly yelled before the teen took a swing: “You better hit her for that.”

Who is Corey Benjamin? Is Latira Shorty Hunt related to Corey Benjamin?

From 1998 to 2003, Corey Benjamin played in the NBA. The player has spent playing international matches for the last five years of his career. For all three seasons, he has stayed with the Chicago Bulls. Not only this, Corey was associated through a 10-day contract with the Atlanta Hawks. Benjamin has played for China’s Xinjiang Flying Tigers in France’s Ligue Nationale de Basketball. Benjamin has also played in the Korean Basketball League.

Corey Benjamin apologizes

Following the video that went viral on the internet of his daughter’s basketball game, Corey has issued a lengthy statement. Benjamin said that he deeply apologizes to the family of his daughter’s opponent. Benjamin regrets what has happened to his daughter. He didn’t deserve this to happen to her.

Benjamin also pointed to the mother of his daughter, Latira. Shonty Hunt was questioned for her actions. The former NBA said that he will finally apologize to all those people who have been impacted and are hurt by the actions of his daughter. Also, those who are shocked by the mother of his daughter. Benjamin further added: “I am here for his family and I wish them the best.”

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