Who is Chef Pii? ‘Pink Sauce Lady’ shuts down backlash over her safety

In your social media feeds over the past week, you may have come across a “Pink Sauce Lady” headline. It may have happened to you, but it’s hard to walk away from now. Chef Carly Pii is taking the pink sauce lady crisis very, very personally because it’s true.

Why is Pink Sauce Lady the target of criticism?

He got a ton of flak after his $20 Pink Sauce lady went viral on TikTok, but it’s already sold out. You guys really need to give me a break. Guys, you need to stop being so negative, the chef said in a roughly 52-minute YouTube video posted Thursday. “I need to distance myself from this. I will not let all of you mentally bury me.

Beginner-level problems were present during the product’s debut, and the virality of the product made them worse. On July 1, Pink Sauce lady, which personal chef Pii claimed to have previously given to private clients, went on sale for $20 a bottle. It had previously been a promotional item. Pii recently told the Washington Post, “I’ve been using it and giving it to my clients for a year, no one has ever gotten sick.”

Supporters of the lady in the pink sauce are persistent

While Pink Sauce’s supporters remain steadfast, others, many of whom are on TikTok, have heaped criticism and concerns about the product. If you’re just learning about the subject, the following information will help you get up to speed. Private chef Chef Pii, pronounced “pea,” works in Miami. According to the YouTube video, he has been a cook for four years. She is also not intimidated by the controversies surrounding his popular product. By the way, her TikTok nickname, Chef Pii, is not her real name. The single mother of two told NBC’s “Today” show that she preferred to keep her privacy by hiding her real name. On YouTube, where she has an account under the same name, she introduces herself as Carly Pii.

@chef.pii Reply to ♬ original sound – PINK SAUCE QUEEN 👑💖🤤

Chef Pii: Pink Sauce Lady frequently receives a million or more views

The 29-year-old claimed that a month earlier she had around 800 followers on TikTok. Now, she has 4 million likes on her posts and more than 142,000 followers. Videos of her frequently get a million views or more. She commented on TikTok, “This is a small business, y’all.” “This small company is growing very fast.” According to her Flavor Crazy website, Chef Pii also caters for 50 or more people, private dining with “mixology service,” and other services.

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