Who is Candace Owens? He opens up about Kanye and the separation from him: “he lied to the world”

Candace Owens has revealed that she felt “scared and hurt” after Kanye West distanced herself from her in 2018.

Who is Candace Owens?

Candace Amber Owens Farmer is a noted American writer, consultant, political analyst, and activist. Initially critical of US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, Owens was known for her jealousy of Trump as a black woman, as well as her criticism of Owens. Black Lives Matter and Democratic Party. She worked for the Turning Point USA Conservative Advocacy Team from 2017-2019 as Director of Communications. In 2021, she joined the Daily Wire and is the owner of Candace, a political podcast. In less than a year, Candace Owens has gone from a rising YouTube politician to one of the leading faces and voices in an effort to win back the votes of Americans young and old.

Owens, 28, spends her days traveling across the country, speaking to Republican and college fundraisers as communications director for Turning Points USA, a popular and controversial student organization.

Candace Owens and Kanye
Who is Candace Owens? He opens up about Kanye and the separation from him: "he lied to the world"

She became President Donald Trump’s new darling at lightning speed last month when her video scolded black protesters at the University of California, Los Angeles as “lucky Americans” were busy “yelling about slavery.” . Shortly after, rapper Kanye West wrote on Twitter: “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.
The rapper was in the news when his old photo with Candace was shared online.

Candace and Kanye’s names came together in 2018. This was also the time when Candace was developing her Blexit vision. The two had a connection in 2018.

The rapper’s name was incorporated after many thought he was a songwriter of the Blexit genre. However, Kanye was quick to deny this in a tweet.
Candace Owens has revealed that she felt “scared and hurt” after Kanye West publicly parted ways with her in 2018.

West, who officially changed her name to Ye, first publicly expressed her support for the conservative analyst in April 2018, when she wrote on Twitter: “I like the way Candace Owens thinks.”

The couple seemed to align their political views with their support for former President Donald Trump, until West wrote on Twitter in October 2018: “My eyes are wide open and I can see now that I am being used to spread messages that I cannot believe. . “Because the West seems to be criticizing his political affiliation, she opposed his proposals to design T-shirts for the Owens Blexit Foundation, an organization she founded to promote black people. people to leave the Democratic Party.

What did she say?

“I introduced Candace to the person who made the sign and she didn’t even want her name so she used mine,” West explained on Twitter at the time. “I never wanted anything to do with Blexit. I have nothing to do with it.”
On Saturday, Owens spoke about the social divisions in the West that have distanced him from his organization through a series of tweets, saying the rapper-songwriter “is lying to the world. on Donda’s album during an interview on Revolt TV Drink Champs.

When Gray said that West had secretly told Soulja Boy that he liked the verse before publicly declaring that he didn’t want to refute it, Owens responded, “You did this to a lot of people, you tbh. One side is one and the other.

“I feel that the people who respected and admired him hurt him a lot but never apologized because he is Him. As a musician I respect him but as a man? I dont know.”

Comparing his years arguing with pop star Taylor Swift, Owens continued: “It’s amazing what he did to people, that’s exactly what Taylor Swift did to him with this famous verse.

“Play one way in secret and then in public is something else. He did it to me with BLEXIT and it got worse, he lied to the world.” the ‘fake’ world he was using,” she wrote in the following tweet.

“Everyone on my team and one person told me I lost receipts (like Kim did with Taylor on Snapchat), but I didn’t. She surprised and saddened me.”

“I’m not sure why I decided to say this 3 years later. LOL. Now I’m sure of you,” Owens concluded. Shortly after West wrote on Twitter that he felt “used” by the Blexit campaign, Owens left. on his blog to apologize to the star for the opening, and deleted the letter. Owens writes at the time.

“I never once said that Kanye designed shirts for BLEXIT,” he continued. “These are lies that seem to exist all over the world; lies that I would like to correct for the record. He just didn’t design them.”

Newsweek has contacted a Western representative for comment.
Additionally, Owens apologized to then-President Trump after West’s announcement that he was distancing himself from politics sparked internet speculation that he would topple his Trump administration.

trump and kanye
Who is Candace Owens? He opens up about Kanye and the separation from him: "he lied to the world"

“I would also like to publicly apologize to President Triumph because I know Kanye’s tweets were misconstrued as a picture of these bosses,” he wrote. “His tweets from him were directed only at me, appropriately enough, for my mistakes. He was fully engaged.”

While West announced that he had ended politics in 2018, he launched a strong presidential pick ahead of the 2020 election.

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