Who is Brent Brown? 39-year-old man arrested for allegedly kidnapping Madelyn Allen

A Utah kidnapping case involving victim Madelyn Allen and kidnapper Brent Brown has been taken into police custody. The victim was in an underground coal bunker. She tied her to a chair. All these illegal acts took place after using an online chat and calling application called “Kik”.

What is the Kik app?

Kik is a chat app that gives its users the ability to stay anonymous while talking to someone outside of their circle of friends and family. The application works by using the Internet (wifi and mobile data) and requires registration through an email account to guarantee privacy.

Kik currently has about a billion users worldwide and has features like video chats, anonymous chats, anonymous group chats, media sharing, etc.

As per Kik account policy, the age restriction is up to 13 years old. However, the Apple Store has classified the age group as 17 and older, as its anonymous nature can become a potential threat to teens.

Per Kik’s privacy policy, parents of underage Kik users can contact their customer service to deactivate their child’s account.

Who is Madelyn Allen?

Madelyn Allen is a 19-year-old undergraduate student at Snow College in Ephraim.

Allen met up with Brent Brown using an online Kik app. The two eventually met through the app. They set up a plan to meet on the night of December 13 (Monday).

Matters got serious when Allen didn’t return to the bedroom that same night. His roommates reported him missing the next day.

brent brown
FACEBOOK/Maddie has been found

According to the police report, Allen was leaving the bedroom around 7:22 pm on December 13. His parents also alerted police officers when they received a text message from Allen’s phone number saying “I love you,” which was quite unusual for them.

After some investigation, Allen’s phone number was located 87 miles from Snow College.

This further led to a week-long search by officials who eventually found Allen’s college ID at Brent Brown’s home in Utah, south of Ephraim.

Brent Brown arrested for alleged kidnapping and sexual assault

Brent Brown, 39, has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 19-year-old college student, Madelyn Allen. According to available information, Brent Brown’s relationship with Allen became more of a forced sexual assault, as it was against Ms. Allen’s will.

Brent confirmed to police officers that he met Ms. Allen in a group chat on Kik that was titled sex-related topics and that everything she did was part of sexual role-playing and therefore tied her up to that I couldn’t leave it.

Ms. Allen’s statement in the legal filing says she was held against her will, threatened that Brent would hurt her family if she tried to leave, and her phone was confiscated so she can’t call for help.

brent brown
Instagram/Brent Brown

After an extensive investigation, the police found Brent Brown and asked him to let them search the house, but he refused, saying he would not let them in without the permission of the owners, who are Brent’s parents.

However, the police got permission after some time and found Allen’s college ID and a suitcase and arrested Brown on the spot. Searching the basement, they found discarded clothing and women tied to a charcoal covered chair which turns out to be Madelyn Allen.

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