Who is Austin Bellamy? US man on ventilator after being stung by bees 20,000 times

A young man in the US province of Ohio is in a coma after being stung by honey bees 20,000 times, according to his family and local media. Austin Bellamy, 20, was in a medically induced coma Tuesday night after he unintentionally cut down a beehive while working on a tree for a co-worker, Fox 19, a local news source, revealed. Austin Bellamy is in the hospital right now on a ventilator, his mother, Shawna Carter, said on an online fundraising page he reportedly launched to pay for her medical costs. On Friday, Austin Bellamy was trimming lemon branches when he inadvertently cut down a hive of African killer bees and received more than 20,000 stings, according to Shawna Carter’s fundraising statement.

By the time he started cutting them (the branches), that’s the point where the honey bees came up, and he tried to tie himself off, and couldn’t, Austin Bellamy’s grandmother, Phyllis Edwards, told Fox 19. He was screaming . , ‘Aid! Help me! Aid!’ And no one would help him. His family saw the episode unfold from the earliest stage and could not come to his rescue because they too were attacked.

Who is Austin Bellamy? US man on ventilator after being stung by bees a thousand times

A young man from Ohio is fighting for his life after he was stung more than several times by bees and swallowed around three dozen buzzards. Austin Bellamy, 20, was trimming a lemon tree last week when he inadvertently opened up a colony of bees, releasing large numbers of African killer bees that immediately swarmed around his head, neck and shoulders, his mother said. Shawna Carter to Fox19Now. He looked as if he had a black blanket from his head to his neck, to his arms, she told the local outlet. Austin Bellamy was reportedly trimming overgrown branches from the tree Friday morning as his grandmother Phyllis Edwards and her uncle watched him start from the get-go. Out of nowhere, he opened the hive and angry bees flew out.

She and Bellamy’s uncle were also under attack and in no condition to help. I was going to try to climb the ladder to get to Austin… I realized how high up he was… but I couldn’t get to him because he was surrounded [by] the bees, he said. Firefighters responded and were able to lower Austin Bellamy from the tree. Austin Bellamy was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, while Edwards was taken to an area clinic in a rescue vehicle, local media revealed. Austin Bellamy was placed on a ventilator and placed in a medically induced coma.

Shawna Carter said her son had been stung more than several times and had swallowed around 30 honey bees while representing a fundraiser she arranged to cover his medical costs. She let Fox19 know that hospital staff were “sucking” honey bees from Bellamy as late as Sunday morning. She said that she fainted when she initially heard what had happened to her son. Austin Bellamy finally woke up Wednesday but remains in the hospital, according to Carter’s Facebook. Doctors anticipate that Austin will make a full recovery.

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