Who is Alina Sharanova? Russian Tiktoker Leaves Angry After Making Racist Remarks Towards ATEEZ

Recently a fan meeting was organized for ATEEZ, a k-pop band, where Alina Sharanova, a Russian TikTok user, was dragged into the limelight. She was spotted doing inappropriate gestures and was involved in making racist remarks to the popular K-pop group, ATEEZ. Alina Sharanova joked about the English-speaking abilities of the band members. This action of her by her had livid the fans.

As per sources, Alina Sharanova had recently shifted to South Korea. She is gaining popularity by creating content on K-pop themes like dances and other K-pop content. On her ella TikTok account, she is currently having 124,000 followers. You can easily follow her de ella on TikTok by searching her de ella username ie, @just_2alina. Her de ella dancing skills are receiving a great appraisal from her followers de ella.


Ответ пользователю @mayuthepup I talked to them in Korean. And I didn’t tell them anything about their English!!!

♬ оригинальный звук – Dance_Alina

Fans Reaction On Social Media

People are getting very few opportunities to interact with their favorite k-pop idols on a live platform. Fans were expecting their interaction with the ATEEZ group to be very special. As per sources, around 30 spots were available for the meeting of the K-pop group with their fans.

No one ever thought that the interaction with their favorite K-pop group will turn into a scandal as Alina Sharanova ruined it with her words and behavior.

Fans started releasing their frustration on Twitter. Some of the tweets posted for the Russian TikToker’s action are mentioned below.

“@babieteez She should know better she is an adult what she was saying to them was not OK. If she knew why did she say it when knowing damn well it is going to hurt them.”

“@RubinaRai20 @Tiny_Alys @HONGSMINGKI She is supposedly a k-pop cover dancer and she went to an ATEEZ fan meet and respected them and she was saying bad things to them.”

“This is so horrible OMG how does she consider herself an atiny? Like girl she was supposed to support and respect them. ”

“Fans need to know their limit. Just because you have been a fan for a long time does not mean you are friends with them. It does not give you the pass to say anything you want.”

Racist Behavior By Alina Sharanova

As per sources, during the event, Alina Sharanova tried to upload her dance video and add it to the k-pop group in her video. At that time the K-pop group was busy interacting with their fans of her because of which they failed to acknowledge her video of her.

The ignorance by the ATEEZ group irritated Alina the most. Later through her her Instagram live and TikTok videos she started making racist statements on the members of the K-pop group.

She said that San’s eyes were bigger than her expectation. Alina added to her statement about her, “why are you waving mingi, you should spend your time learning English and what the word flower means.”

Alina Sharanova’s Apology on Twitter

After creating chaos over social media by insulting the popular k-pop group, Alina Sharanova uploaded an apology post on Twitter. She addressed the members of the K-pop group and the fans in her Twitter post and claimed to be “overwhelmed” and “over-enthusiastic.”

She was not aware of the consequences that her hand gesture would create and turn into a big problem. Alina Sharanova apologized for her rude behavior to all the Korean netizens and promised not to repeat it again.

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