Who are Perfectly Kelsey and Kodye Elyse? More about her TikTok drama

As Kelsey explains on her most recent TikTok, a new problem seems to have surfaced. Kelsey and Alexis are starring in a new TikTok drama. She explains that she had to let Alexis go from her life. There was a great coincidence between them. She explains that others were making fun of her forehead, and Cody and Eudy grilled them again. Kelsey was aware that her comments could be upsetting, so she asked them to apologize and remove their makeup. Kelsey admits that if one person is wrong, the other will be too. Alexis has also shared portions one and two of her version of her story to set the record straight.


Kelsey is a popular Tiktok, Instagram, and Tiktok model from the United States. Her appearance, her shine, her modeling poses, her style, and her personality are well known. Kelsey is one of the most inspiring women on TikTok. Kelsey is well known for fake video edits of hers, touching recordings, and lip-synced performances of hers. She is also known for captivating photos and videos of her. Kelsey has a huge fan base.


Forever @perfectlykelsey_ ♥️ #wife #foreverroommate #best friend #vibeship #buddy #Fiancee #to love #sugarmomma #soulmate #dance partner #goddess

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She has light hair and blue eyes. Kelsey has a very seductive personality. She has wonderful big eyes that are quite alluring, as well as long, soft hair. She is young, talented and attractive. Her physique is slim. She is very well known among teenagers. Kelsey is married to Curtis Woods. The two frequently collaborate on TikTok videos. Kelsey is a domestic violence survivor who has raised thousands of pounds to help others in similar situations.


Kodye Elyse is a well-known Tiktok, Instagram, and Fashion Star from the United States. She started her career as a model. She became famous thanks to her Instagram account. Kodye posts photos of her toned body and also makes a living from all the sponsored deals with major companies. She has made a lot of noise in the world of fitness and celebrities. She has amassed a huge following as a result of her amazing fashion sense. Kodye is now a huge brand influencer.


Reply to @urhot0_0, you have no idea how much work it took to convince you.

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Her cute smile, modeling poses, style, and amazing personality are well known. On TikTok, she is one of the most popular girls. She is well known for her funny videos, dance videos, and lip sync performances. Her presence on social media is exploding at breakneck speed. She has a sizable fan base.

Kodye Elyse is young, attractive and seductive. She has a slim physique. Kodye Elyse is famous among teenagers. She has the appearance of a doll. Kodye has blonde hair and brown eyes. She has beautiful big eyes that look very attractive. Her personality is quite attractive.

Kodye is the mother of three children. She has two girls and a boy, with her ex-husband. Even though she and her baby’s father are divorced, they are still co-parents. They make fun TikTok videos together. She frequently posts videos about how her body has changed after getting pregnant to promote body positivity. She encourages her followers to be kinder to themselves because they are the ones who have brought life into the world.


Kelsey and Kodye Elyse have had a falling out with many TikTok customers. The couple’s followers finally tried to improvise some kind of justification. There is always some kind of TikTok drama to find.

The TikTokers have never spoken about their feud in public. Fans have their own theories about the rumours. Fans say that Kodye and Kelsey were friends. They say that when Kodye was going through a tough time, Kelsey was there for her. During a live broadcast, Kodye allegedly stated that she and Kelsey had grown apart.


saying my peace It is extremely unfortunate how this has all played out. I hope everyone gets the healing they need and I wish Lex nothing but the best ♥️

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It was rumored that Kodye was talking about Kelsey behind Kelsey’s back. This was deduced from Kelsey’s response to a question about when the two will film together. She then said, “When she finds out that someone is talking about her behind her back, she exits the stage from the left.” Fan speculation is unfounded, but Kelsey has verified some recent tension between her and other TikTokers.

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