Where was Princess Charlene for 6 months? She opens up after reuniting with her family

What was originally going to be a 10-12 day trip turned into a six-month stay. Princess Charlene returned to Monaco on November 9, 2021, after spending six months in South Africa.

Why did Princess Charlene stay away from the family?

Princess Charlene traveled to South Africa for 10-12 days to raise awareness about illegal rhino poaching. Charlene, who lives in Monaco, developed a sinus infection and bone graft during the trip. She was forced to stay there until her ears leveled off. While she was on the trip, people speculated that she went to South Africa because she was not on good terms with Prince Albert. Prince responded to these rumors, saying, “She didn’t leave because she was mad at me or someone else. She was going to South Africa to reassess her Foundation’s work there and take some time off with her brother and some friends.” He also added: It was only supposed to be a maximum stay of 10 days a week, and [she is overstaying] because she had this infection all these medical complications arose.”

During this time, the princess missed several important family events. One of which was her tenth anniversary with Prince Albert. She also missed the first day of school for her twins Gabriella and Jaques.

Family reunion-

The princess got off her private jet at around 7:45 pm GMT. She was greeted by the royal staff and then took her dog for a walk. Prince Albert, the royal children and Nice Matin also welcomed the princess at the airport. Then they all took off for Monaco in a helicopter.

Princess Charlene's family
Where was Princess Charlene for 6 months? She opens up after reuniting with her family

About the experience-

Princess Charlene posted a Youtube video on the channel of his Foundation before leaving South Africa. She spoke about her experience of being there, saying: “Obviously it’s been a very challenging time to be here, but at the same time it’s been wonderful to be back in South Africa. I would like to thank the doctors in South Africa who have done a tremendous job helping me and I am looking forward to returning to my children.”

“Thank you South Africa, thank you all and God bless you.” she added.

Later that day, Princess Charlene took to Instagram to post a snap with her family, captioning it: “Happy day today. Thank you for keeping me strong!!”

Her followers also seemed to welcome and congratulate her in the comments.

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