Where to watch ISAC 2022 Air date, lineup and more

If you want to see some championships then ISAC 2022 can definitely serve that purpose. As soon we will get the Idol Star Athletics Championship to watch this year. We know that some of you may not be aware of this. But do not worry. We tell you everything about it, including its time, date, etc. So what can you expect from ISAC 2022?

Read on to know more about ISAC 2022 and its other details.

What is ISAC?

ISAC stands for Idol Star Athletics Championship. This is a TV show based in South Korea that started in the year 2010. Airing on MBC, this championship shows all Korean actors and stars from all fields coming together for this event. This championship has different activities for the participants.

At the ISAC event, all the star performers come together to compete against each other. Among which finally at the end we get a winner. This year also this event is happening. While we also have some interesting updates on the same.

When is ISAC 2022 supposed to air?

While we have seen how popular k-pop stars are all over the world. Therefore, their participation in the ISAC event is also gaining popularity. As such, this year’s event is piquing the curiosity of fans. Well, you will soon be able to see the event on your screen as it will air on September 9. Including the broadcast on the 10th, 11th, 12th as well.

Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The filming of the event has concluded in two days. This year too, the event features activities such as running, long jump, high jump and javelin throw. Another activity that you can see is freestyle swimming. One of the interesting segments would be the esports category that involves participants playing PUBG and similar games.

Where to see ISAC 2022?

In case you have no idea where to watch ISAC 2022. Then it will be broadcast on MBC. The times for the transmission of the event have not yet been announced. However, all interested viewers will be able to watch ISAC on MBC’s official YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, for all of you who want to know the ISAC 2022 lineup. This year, AB6IX, ALICE, ATBO, ATEEZ, BVNDIT, Billlie, Brave Girls, CIX, Cherry Bullet, CLASS:y, Choi Ye Na, Cravity, DKB, DKZ, DRIPPIN, EPEX, EVERGLOW, H1-Key, HYNN, etc.

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