Where to Buy Zayn Malik Funko Pop Price and Release Date

If you are a collector, this time you have a new collectible, as Zayn Malik Funko Pop is available to everyone. Yes, the popular company Funko Pop has its new addition in the collectibles with Zayn Malik this time. While we all know how famous Zayn Malik is among his fans. This Funko Pop is just a gift for his fans.

Read on to know more about this and its other details.

Zayn Malik Funko Pop release date

Without a doubt, Funko Pop collectibles have their own craze among fans. While there have been so many pop stars out there who have their own Funko Pop, Zayn Malik’s recent addition to Funko Pop was something exciting. As Zayn’s fans have been waiting for him for a long time. Hence we finally have it for all his fans.

Well, if you’re excited to own Funko Pop, you shouldn’t miss the release date. Although luckily you will not have to wait for the launch. As it has been released on July 12 this month. So, you can have your own Funko Pop at home. But before that, you should check all its details.

Funko Pop Skin

If you’ve had a lot of Funko Pops in your house, then you must know how many stars actually have a Funko Pop of themselves. You must have BTS Funko Pop too. But this time it’s time for Zayn Malik fans to have a mini Zayn Malik at home.

Well, Zayn Malik at the launch of his Funko Pop has even shared a photo of the collectible on his social networks. Which shows the Funko Pop of him with a beard, piercings, tattoos, etc. His iconic hairstyle is mimicked in his Funko Pop! Although some of the fans have been saying that Zayn’s Funko Pop doesn’t look much like him.

Where to buy Zayn Malik Funko Pop?

The Funko Pop is now available. However, the Amazon page for the Zayn Malik Funko Pop says that the product would be out on December 6, 2022. So it would retail on Amazon for $12.99. While on the company’s website it is for $12.

Also, the shipping cost is $10.84. Also, the gift box option may charge an additional $3.50. For US customers, it is readily available. While others will have to bear the shipping costs and other charges depending on the region where they have to receive it.

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