Where to buy the Balenciaga x Acid Arab collection and price

The popular fashion house Balenciaga presents a new collaboration with Acid Arab. This year’s new collaboration is ready to arrive. Balenciaga and Acid Arab fans will love the collection coming soon. But what can you expect to see in this latest Balenciaga x Acid Arab collaboration?

Read on to find out more about the Balenciaga x Acid Arab collaboration.

Balenciaga x Acid Arab Collection Release Date Announced

Well, unlike the other collection for which you have to wait to try. We now have the collection of the popular brand Balenciaga x Acid Arab available to everyone. In fact, they have already shared the photos on their social media accounts. The clothing line has certainly also given all its important details.

Additionally, an Acid Arab playlist also adds a uniqueness to the Balenciaga and Acid Arab collaboration. The playlist is available starting May 2 exclusively on Apple Music. Plus, this collaboration has an amazing collection to check out and try out.

Balenciaga x Acid Arab Collections

Now as far as the Balenciaga collection with Acid Arab is concerned. Then we have the clothing underneath this collaboration, all in a neon green hue. The specialty of the collection may be unisex clothing. That is available in different categories.

To be specific, in this collection you will find hoodies, sweatpants and oversized zip-up sweatshirts. The fabric of the collection is basically 100% cotton. While all the clothing actually has a black Acid Arab print in Arabic and Roman. Certainly, we also know the price details about it.

Prices and where to buy the Balenciaga x Acid Arab collection?

While you can find the Balenciaga x Acid Arab collection on the brands’ eCommerce website. Collections are priced at $1,250 for a hoodie. The sweatpants from the collaboration are around $895. The sweatshirts are available for $995.

However, the collection’s long-sleeved shirt is $795. For a detailed view of the collection. You can visit the website of the brand. Or you can consult them on the brand’s social networks. The prices and other details of the clothes are also available there. You can also take a look at the other Balenciaga collection and their different collaborations to try.

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