When will KSI Vs Alex Wassabi take place? Ticket price

I’m looking forward to seeing some boxing matches, so what could be better than having KSI fight Alex Wassabi? Yes, the popular YouTuber is ready to use his boxing gloves to fight his soon-to-be-due opponent. Well if you don’t want to miss the KSI vs Alex Wassabi fight. So here are all the updates on his fight.

Read on to find out more about the upcoming KSI vs. Alex Wassabi fight along with other details.

Fight date between KSI and Alex Wassabi

Both Alex and KSI have donned the boxing gloves before. Like sometimes back KSI fought with Logan Paul. Although neither of them could win as the match came to a draw. On the other hand, KSI has also had a fight before with Alex’s brother Deji. Where KSI came out as the winner.

Well, this time KSI will square off in the boxing ring with Alex Wassabi. That’s exciting for all the Wassabi and KSI fans too. So, you can have the duo face each other soon in the month of August on the 27th. The venue will be London’s O2 Arena.

PPV option for the KSI vs Alex Wassabi fight

In case you want to watch the KSI vs Alex Wassabi game. However, you won’t want to go outside to see it. So we have an option for that too. How can you have the fight between Alex and KSI on your TV. But do you know how? Well here we tell you how.

You can watch the fight between Alex and KSI on DAZN pay-per-view. The monthly subscription costs $19.99 in the US while it costs £7.99 in the UK. Also for Canada, it’s $20. You get an annual subscription for $99.99 in the US while it is $150 in Canada.

Tickets to see the Alex vs KSI fight

For all those who want to see the KSI vs Alex Wassabi match in the venue itself. You will have to grab your tickets for the same to do so. Therefore, you will get the available tickets on

Ticket prices there will run between £26 and £1323. Which is for the front row VIP seats. Meanwhile, doors will open at 18:30pm BST.

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