‘What’s happening on January 5, 2023’ TikTok trend explained

TikTok has found a new viral trend and that is the “What’s happening on January 5, 2023” trend. While TikTok has been trending from time to time. There are certain trends that go viral for no reason. Well, it’s similar to this new trend on TikTok which is “What’s happening on January 5, 2023”. But, what is it about?

Read on to know more about the new TikTok trend “What’s happening on January 5, 2023”.

“What’s happening on January 5, 2023” trend on TikTok goes viral

TikTok’s popularity is mainly due to its viral trends and challenges that keep its users interested. However, some of the trends in the application arrive and go viral in a short time like the one we have come across recently.

This trend finds its name as “What’s happening on January 5, 2023”. Although several videos have been made about this trend so far. The original trending video has over 3 million views. While many of the users have also made videos about the trend. Meanwhile, some of them have become confused about the trend.

@strqthngs Just don’t. #fyp #foryou #5thjanuary #foryoupage #fypシ #justno #viral #fypage ♬ original sound – 𓆩❤︎𓆪

What is TikTok’s “What’s Happening on January 5, 2023” trend?

The viral trend of What’s Happening on January 5, 2023 emerged after a user named strqthngs posted the video. The video had the lines “Me after posting what will happen on January 5, 2023.” Although there was nothing specific.

However, the video garnered millions of views. Also, some of the users have been confused about the trend. As some of them have linked it to the Illinois Safe-T Act. That he is supposed to come to work from the first of January next year. While some of the users have made a joke about the trend in their own way.

What is the Safe-T Act?

Despite the viral trend that mentions the date January 5 next year. Actually, he did not specify what is special on that date. However, some of the users have found the connection of the trend with the Illinois Safe-T Law. Which will soon go into action starting next year.

According to the Rockford Register Star, the Safe-T Act will allow 400 criminal defendants to be released into their communities. However, the trend had nothing to indicate that the act and the trend had any connection.

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