What is TikTok’s “cover your mouth” viral trend? Experts warn against The Trend

TikTok these days is having a “cover your mouth” trend where it’s going viral, but experts have warned against the trend. Well, from dance trends to health hacks, you can make anything trend viral on TikTok. That is what is also happening with this trend of “covering the mouth”. This trend is going viral as users are finding it good to try it. But is it really good enough to try?

Read on to learn more about the TikTok “cover your mouth” trend going viral.

The “cover your mouth” trend goes viral on TikTok

You may have seen hacks on TikTok that go viral. Well, this new trend is also some kind of hack that is going viral on the app. However, if you don’t know the reason behind trying this trend. So we may have the answer right here. If you think you snore a lot or have mouth breathing habits during the day. Then this tendency can be tried to get rid of it.

In this trend, one has to sleep through the night after covering one’s mouth. Which will ultimately force one to breathe through the nose. No matter the mouth bandage technique, it allows you to breathe more with your nose. However, the experts have an opinion on trying this trend that you should know before you try it.

Experts warn against the “cover your mouth” trend

Without a doubt, we have several trends on TikTok that seem easy to try and also bring benefits. However, we must review the trends thoroughly before having them to test. Similar is with this trend as well. This trend actually promises to make the problem of snoring and mouth breathing problems disappear during the day.

However, we also have some insider tips on this trend. As one of the experts has said, this tendency can help to breathe through the nose. It’s not okay to sleep with your mouth covered. As it can lead to some serious health problems. Therefore, one must be cautious with the trend.

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User reaction to the trend of covering their mouths

Users have really loved the trend of covering their mouths. As it says to help one switch to nasal breathing. Meanwhile, breathing through the nose is good for health. It also helps prevent tooth decay. Not only that, the cover your mouth hashtag has 23 million views so far.

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But, the experts have a warning that cannot be ignored. As they have said, it can cause heart problems, strokes, COPD as well. Therefore, users should not try this trend.

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