What is the “Run Boy Run” trend on TikTok? Scanned source video

TikTok never fails to amaze everyone with its trends as it recently found the new obsession in the app’s Run Boy Run trend. Well, just like any other viral trend, this one is also becoming popular with everyone, especially couples. However, if you haven’t come across this trend yet. So here’s everything you need to know about the viral trend.

Read on to learn more about TikTok’s viral Run Boy Run trend.

TikTok’s Run Boy Run Trend Goes Viral

The viral TikTok trend that is gaining popularity among users is the Run Boy Run trend. Although we have had several trends in the application that have become famous. We’ve had this one, especially finding its popularity with couples.

As many couples have tried this trend so far. The Run Boy Run trend actually uses the song of the same name by singer Woodkid. This song came back in the year 2012. With many people trying this trend, some of them are still unaware of this viral trend. In case you are not aware of this trend, here is everything you need to know.

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What is the Run Boy Run trend all about?

As this trend gets its name from the Woodkid song, we find a partner showing certain things from another partner’s perspective. Well, basically in this trend one has to show images of certain things that can be related to them according to the perspective of their partner.

If you didn’t get it yet, then this trend actually uses a few questions from a partner. In response to this, they have to show images as a response that is their partner’s response. Suppose the partner can ask what kind of station I am. In response to this, you will have to show the image of the station that your partner related it to.

User Reaction to the Run Boy Run Trend

No doubt this trend is viral among couples. Therefore, many couples have tried this trend so far. Well, if you want to try this too. Then we have suggestions on some questions that can help you try this trend. How can you ask your partner these questions and get their answer to the trend.

@whateveriwants #runboyrun ♬ Run Boy Run – Woodkid

Some questions could be What color am I? What planet am I? What Disney character am I? What flower am I? and so. Don’t get lost, you don’t have to use the whole question in the trend. How can you use a word to describe it like the season, the color, the flower, etc.

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