What is The Pink Sauce viral, as TikTok users go crazy over it?

TikTok is already renowned for featuring weird gimmicks and products. However, this time people are going crazy for a new condiment known as the pink sauce.

Here is everything you need to know.

What is pink sauce?

Viral Pink Sauce is a concoction created by TikTok creator and celebrity chef Chef Pii.

The sauce is described as “sweet, salty and spicy” all rolled into one in its bottle.

According to the official Pink Sauce website, it includes tons of natural ingredients like:

  • Water
  • raw honey
  • sunflower seed oil
  • distilled vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
  • dragon fruit
  • dry spices
  • Lemon juice
  • citric acid and
  • Milk

If you didn’t know, Pitaya is a secondary name for Dragon Fruit. The sauce reportedly gets its unique pink color from the fruit.

According to Chef Pii, the pink sauce can be used as a condiment for fried chicken, cucumber, tacos, gyros, and shrimp, among many others.

Plus, the entire bottle of Salsa is only $20 and reportedly contains only 90 calories.

TikTok users react to the viral Salsa Rosa

Although the sauce has quickly taken over TikTok feeds, many users couldn’t help but worry about the strange ingredients.

One user wrote: “People who bought the sauce need to take an IQ test because why would they buy a sauce from a website that seems to be aimed at mink lashes?”

Another chimed in: ‘Wait. So they’re paying $30 to have a random woman send a secret rose she made in her kitchen across the country VIA USPS IN THIS HEAT?

A different user said: “Do people buy unrefrigerated, preservative-free “pink sauce” from a stranger on TikTok and are shocked when they get sick?”

Also, one user agreed, commenting: ‘that tik tok sauce is just a new variant’.

Chef Pii responds to massive backlash

Chef Pii took to her TikTok account to address the backlash she received online for her viral pink sauce.

She started with, ‘Alright, all of you. It’s time to recognize the elephant in the room.

The chef then acknowledged certain consumer issues with the ingredients and the label.

In addition, he publicly apologized stating that they will soon replace the faulty labels with the correct product.

Chef Pii, who has labeled herself ‘The Flavor Genie’, added that she will send customers who have received faulty labels ‘a gift and a thank you note’.

In addition, he said that the article follows the ‘FDA standards’ and is currently in the ‘laboratory testing’ phase.

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