What is the ‘new profile picture’ app? Does Facebook have the viral function?

While social media is popular everywhere and among everyone, the latest buzz around Facebook is that the “New Profile Picture” feature of the app is available on Facebook. Well while this New Profile Pic app is going viral everywhere for its features. We can surely tell if your feature is on Facebook or not. But what exactly is the New Profile Pic app all about?

Read on to know more about New Profile Pic app and whether its features are on Facebook or not.

What is New Profile Pic app?

The latest app called New Profile Pic is actually an app that allows you to create a cartoon portrait or picture of them. This app converts one’s image into a cartoon image that looks amazing to watch. However, the images are not really funny as they look exactly the same, but the specialty is that the image has a cartoonish feel to it.

The app is available for both Android and iOS on the app store. Most important of all, the app in the app store so far has also gotten good ratings. Users love the app. However, there are also some rumors about it.

Does Facebook have the New Profile Pic app feature?

While New Profile Pic photo editing app is being liked by its users. Lately there have been several rumors about it. In fact, there have been rumors that Facebook has this feature of the New Profile Pic app. Well though one can convert their image into a cartoon portrait through this app. They can then use the image from the app to use on any of the social media accounts as a profile picture.

However, so far Facebook has not been seen with the feature of this new profile picture. Certainly, it’s just a rumor so far that Facebook already has this feature. Although in the future I might have this. But at present, there is no such feature in it. Although users are trying this app these days and making a profile picture for themselves with this app.

Is this New Profile Pic app a scam?

As New Profile Pic app offers its users a fun filled app to try to make a cartoon portrait of themselves. Users have even shared their experiences with the app on social media. While most of the users have loved the app. One rumor even claimed that it is a scam. But that’s how it is?

Well, the app lately is in rumors for being a scam and stealing users’ personal data. However, there is no evidence to prove that it has come out yet. Although many users think that it could be a scam. But the application so far has not caused any loss to anyone. However, it is always recommended for everyone to verify any app before installing and using it as sometimes it can be a fake app to scam users.

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