What is Mammy Trope? Lizzo uploaded a TikTok video addressing the ‘Rumors’ backlash

Lizzo has responded to the rumors of backlash she has been receiving. Melissa Viviane Jefferson is an American rapper, songwriter, flutist, and singer. She was born on April 27, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan. She started her career in 2010 and has appeared many times on the Billboard 200. Her music genre is mainly Hip Hop, Funk Pop, R&B and Soul Music.

He recently uploaded a TikTok expressing the famous “Mammy Trope” idea. Cardi B and Lizzo decided to collaborate on a song. The news of the collaboration made fans very happy and excited. Lizzo, in her latest music video, embodied a goddess.

Lizzo uploaded a duet TikTok video with a fan on August 15. In the video, the fan accused Lizzo of displaying mommy behavior. The one who uploaded the video is pablothedon. For this TikTok, Lizzo created a duet video and responded to her point of view. The rapper says, “This is exactly why I started the song with ‘they don’t know I’m doing it for the culture.’ These people saying this are probably the same people who get mad when I’m hypersexual and the mommy trope is really desexualized. Therefore, both cannot be true. Make it make sense. He worked as a voice actor in UglyDolls (2019) and also appeared in Hustlers (2019).

What is Mammy Trope? Lizzo uploaded a TikTok video addressing the 'Rumors' backlash


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Mammy is a word used to describe “a black woman whose job it is to care for white children.” For many, she is a racist and offensive stereotype. One can take Cicely Tyson’s character, Constantine Jefferson, in Aid as a valid example. the term “Mammy-ism” has been part of much published research, by many great researchers. Lizzo, in her latest TikTok, explained how her new single Rumors desexualizes the mammy trope.


Fans who are fans always support her no matter what. when she tik tok the video dropped, many fans began tweeting on his behalf. The description of “Mammy” is a fat black lady, according to some. Others said that she is so strong that she responded to hateful comments. Some tried to explain that there are a lot of black celebrities and that people shouldn’t judge them.

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