What is CoTweet? Is it available to everyone? Details of the new Twitter feature

Twitter is working on a new feature for the app and it’s called the “CoTweet” feature. Social media accounts are always changing their apps and introducing new features. Twitter has already given this CoTweet feature to some users for testing. This new feature actually allows a user to engage another user while tweeting. However, the feature is not yet available to everyone.

Read on to learn more about the launch of a new Twitter feature, CoTweet.

Twitter gets a new CoTweet feature

Twitter has been working on its new feature called CoTweet for quite some time. While this feature has something surprising for the users. In effect, it allows a user to tweet something and makes another app user co-author the tweet. Basically, it’s a feature about a tweet collaboration.

However, the feature has some limitations. As you will get an option for the app. You can CoTweet with the user and add the other Twitter user only the one you want to be added for the tweet. In addition, you will also have to see if the other user has a public account or not and if someone follows you or not to CoTweet with them.

Twitter’s CoTweet feature is in testing

Though Twitter’s CoTweet feature is out. However, it is not available to everyone at this time. The reason behind this is that usually social media accounts bring a test feature between select users and when all goes well. So it’s just going to be available to everyone.

So we have some of the users who currently have this feature in their Twitter app. But it would be available to everyone only if it passes its test well. As such, currently only users in select regions of the US, Korea, and Canada have the feature available.

More about the CoTweet feature

The coTweet function will allow you to add only one user at a time to co-author. Additionally, you can have the post retweeted and the quote tweeted as well. However, you cannot have it promoted except by the original author of the tweet. Who can pin your CoTweet?

In case someone sends you an invitation to become a co-author and you don’t want to be a part of it. Then you can also decline the invitation. In fact, if you don’t want to receive the message again, you can also block the user. More importantly, if after accepting the invitation you don’t want to co-author the CoTweet, you have the option to revoke the invitation. After which it will become a regular tweet.

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