What happened to Tom Holland? He Is he alive or dead? Explained

The “RIP Tom Holland” hashtag began with a tweet claiming that Tom Holland will pass away in 2022. However, the actor is still alive and well.

Social networks seem to have accomplished the feat once again by convincing users that a star had passed away. On the platform, death hoaxes have previously gone viral.

Tom recently joined the list of famous people who have experienced this, including Lil’ Jay, Eminem and others in the past.

One more probe from ‘Tom Holland Dead’

Due to a post on the Big Chungles Instagram account, rumors of Tom’s passing began to spread online. The post included an image of the actor and was captioned, “Tom Holland 1996-2022.” Anyone who sees the image for the first time can be fooled.

tom holland
What happened to Tom Holland? He Is he alive or dead? Explained

For added credibility, the official penned an emotional statement declaring Tom his favorite Spider-Man, adding that the actor has always been his hero. In addition, the hashtag “#liveanotherdayspiderman” was included.

It didn’t take long for the message to catch the attention of other users, as the platform has more than 185,000 followers. The post was then shared by others, with some people creating their own modified images. The hashtag “RIP Tom Holland” was born out of this.

The actor is still alive and in good health.

Tom is well and alive. Sadly, he was just the victim of a fake death on social media that went viral.

In reality, the image that circulated through the false publication was the one that the actor had published a week before on Instagram. Tom mentioned The Brothers Trust t-shirt on it. The NGO wants to draw attention to underrated charity.

Tom was trying to make money by selling products to support various charities that were giving their time and effort to a cause.

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