What happened to Randy Jackson? The Cause Behind Your Weight Loss Explained

Randy Jackson, the former American Idol judge, has surprised everyone with his transformed look after weight loss, causing fans to worry about his illness. Well, it happened only after an appearance by Jackson that the former judge on the show looked totally different than he did before. The drastic change in his appearance has undoubtedly made his fans think of some illness of his. But is it really so?

Read on to find out more about Randy Jackson and his post-weight loss look.

Randy Jackson appeared on the final season of American Idol

While the popular talent search show American Idol is continuing its 20th season, there was a well-known judge on the show several seasons ago. Well, he was none other than Randy Jackson. Although Randy left the show after season 12, he has been seen on the show again as of late.

Her appearance alongside other judges as Katy Perry came on the 20th season of American Idol. However, aside from her appearance, there was one more thing that was different about the show. Certainly Randy after his weight loss looked unrecognizable.

Randy Jackson’s appearance after weight loss worries fans

There was a time when Randy Jackson was overweight and he looked different. However, during his recent appearance on American Idol. Randy Jackson was totally different from how he looked before. After his weight loss, Randy has changed a lot and looks thin.

Well, fans were shocked by her post-weight loss look. Her change in appearance just made everyone wonder if his weight loss is the result of some disease or not. Her fans on social media following her appearance on American Idol no doubt showed her concern. As they found him completely thin.

Does Randy Jackson have any health problems?

According to reports posted on the internet, it was in 2003 that Randy was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In fact, Randy’s family history has diabetes. Because of this, the musician had to follow a routine to lose weight. However, his biggest weight loss came from surgery that saw him lose about 114 pounds.

The gastric bypass actually gave her weight loss that changed her appearance. However, currently Randy hasn’t stated about any ongoing illness or anything like that. Therefore, it seems that he is maintaining the average weight to have a healthy lifestyle.

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