What happened to Nolan Neal? He dies the star of ‘The Voice’ and ‘AGT’ at the age of 41

Dylan Seals, Nolan Neal’s cousin, claimed that Neal “ultimately succumbed to his struggle with substance use.” Nolan Neal, a singer best known for his appearances on “America’s Got Talent” and “The Voice,” has died at the age of 41. On July 18, the singer’s roommate found him dead in the bedroom of his Nashville apartment.

What caused Nolan Neal’s death?

The information was corroborated by Dylan Seals, a relative of Nolan Neal, and the Nashville Coroner. According to some accounts, Neal’s workstation by his bed had a guitar pick with what “appeared to contain gunpowder residue”, although his precise cause of death remains to be determined after a autopsy. Nolan Neal has been outspoken about his battle with addiction and substance abuse. Seals stated that his cousin “finally succumbed to her struggle with substance abuse” in an interview.

Nolan Neal
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Nolan Neal was sober and drug free at the time.

Before the epidemic, Seals, an audio engineer, had a residence with his musical cousin. According to Seals’ account, Neal was sober and drug-free at the time. Neal first gained attention when he auditioned for “The Voice” season 15 in 2016. The talented vocalist was awarded a spot on mentor Adam Levine’s team due to his heartfelt rendition of “Drive” by Incubus. . Sadly, Neal’s journey came to an end when he was defeated in the knockout round.

Nolan Neal was candid about his struggles with addiction.

Neal was open about his addiction struggles in an interview with WBIR, even admitting to drinking heavily while competing on “The Voice.” He said, “While watching ‘The Voice,’ I got lost and kept drinking. is visible. I am aware of that. He added: “I remember going to rehab on May 15, 2010, the day I got clean. remained ordered. I joined the rock group Hinder because they liked to drink and party. Your fault is not in this. I had decided that I wanted to behave normally while drinking. I remember trying to blend in and be typical. I can still imagine myself going to a bar and having a drink. He tried to cover it up. I remember trying to appear normal. I was kidding myself thinking I could control it.

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