What happened to Melanie Rauscher? Former ‘Naked and Afraid’ star dies at 35

Melanie Rauscher, a star of the reality series Naked and Afraid, was discovered dead in Prescott, Arizona on July 17. She reportedly died next to some compressed air dusting cans while dog sitting at someone’s home.

Melanie Rauscher: Who is she?

No suicide note was left at the scene, and local police do not suspect foul play. Additionally, there was no evidence of drug paraphernalia at the residence. They said the dog he was caring for had been found to be uninjured. According to Prescott Police Department spokesman Corey Kasun, the owners discovered the body after returning from vacation.

Melanie Rauscher took care of the dog on July 17.

When the owners of the house where Melanie Rauscher took care of the dog. Upon returning from their vacation on July 17, they discovered that she had passed away. In the guest room they discovered the body near some cans of compressed air. The existence of the cans in the room prior to Raucscher’s stay at the property is unknown at this time. The late 35-year-old man may have ingested the compressed air contained in some of the cans, according to local media, but the Prescott Police Department has not yet confirmed this. Inhaling canned air is extremely risky due to its highly poisonous composition, states PubMed Central. Hazardous substances can result in numerous fatal conditions if inhaled, including serious heart conditions, choking on one’s own vomit, liver damage, coma, brain damage, and suffocation.

An autopsy will reportedly be performed.

The Yavapai County Medical Examiner will reportedly conduct an autopsy to determine the official cause of death. The seventh season of the Discovery Channel series Naked and Afraid, which features outdoor enthusiasts and survivors, is where the late reality star gained the most notoriety for her. Melanie Rauscher appears in the fourth season of the spin-off of the original show Naked and Afraid XL after making her debut in the franchise in 2017. She reportedly spent a total of two seasons as a member of the Naked and Afraid series. .

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