What happened to Heather Kovar? CBS anchor suspended after dragging tongue during broadcast

Heather Kovar: Who is she?

Heather Kovar, who joined CBS6 in 2016, took a leave of absence in early May to care for her ailing father, who passed away shortly after. As a result of her unprofessional appearance and her difficulty talking about her during the July 9 evening show, which shocked her audience, host Heather Kovar was suspended from CBS6 Albany. When the 6 o’clock news began, Kovar, who was the anchor, seemed to have spoiled the show by fumbling for information about an explosion at a natural gas plant in Medford, Oklahoma.

Is Heather Kovar okay?

Additionally, he referred to Craig Gold, also a station meteorologist, as Craig Adams. Following this, people expressed their alarm on social media platforms as soon as footage of the presenter’s broadcast began to circulate online. Is Heather Kovar okay? a user asked in a comment. She seemed to be acting strangely on air right now. “I keep seeing a clip of this woman, Heather Kovar, being turned over,” one speaker said in a polite request to the crowd. She had recently suffered a bereavement, had only returned to work a month earlier and was working outrageous shifts in a row, I’d like people to know. Be compassionate!

Throughout his portions, the CBS 6 anchor was agitated, wide-eyed and at times unintelligible. According to what was heard, she said: “Like, I was telling you this morning, if you watched us this morning starting at 6 or 7 am, I told you, you know what? What a beautiful day it is outside right now! It really is fantastic.

Heather Kovar was absent in early May

So this is a fantastic time for outdoor music. As she said, “And so, continuing tonight, we have to tell you also, you know, like other news that’s happening in the neighborhood, and throughout the area, throughout the country,” Kovar seemed to be having trouble. Since she joined CBS6 in 2016, Kovar took a leave of absence in early May to care for her sick father. The station has kindly given me permission to take time off to be with my family in Texas, she informed her Facebook audience. Today, my dad is supposed to be discharged from the hospital and go home with hospice care. Yesterday he requested that his nasal feeding tube be removed.

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