What did Kim Burrell say as she addressed the congregation at Pastor Brian Carn’s church?

Kim Burrell appeared to call parishioners at one of Pastor Brian Carn’s congregations “ugly” in a recent video that went viral. Further details about the video are not yet available because the first publications of the clip did not specify when or where it was filmed.

The famous gospel singer appeared in the video making debatable claims about churchgoers. Burrell made a comment about the socioeconomic class of the parishioners. She hinted that they were often impoverished.

Throughout the sermon, Burrell made numerous jokes on related topics. The 49-year-old Houston native also made a dramatic pause after each of her jokes. As seen in the video, several viewers laughed at her jokes.

In his address to Pastor Brian Carn’s church audience, what did Kim Burrell say?

The singer-songwriter mentioned the financial situation and the appearance of the parishioners, however, the exact context of what appears to be a joke is unknown. He added Kim Burrell:

Sometimes we have to do interviews before making friends: How long have you been in debt? How often do you update the name that appears on your utility bill? How many of your bills are in your little cousin’s name? Do you reside in a house or in a trailer?

He also praised attendees for coming to church without being vaccinated or wearing COVID-19 masks.

Burrell referred to Pastor Brian Carn as “truth incarnate” and thanked him during his speech. However, he seemed to insult the parishioners by calling them “ugly” after that. She was seen making more jokes about the appearance of the guests later in the film, but there was no thunderous applause at the time.

Kim Burrell commented, “Nobody likes to hear that, especially when they already know…

Most people aren’t offended until they notice something negative about themselves and someone else acknowledges it by saying, “Oh, I saw the ugly too.” I just wanted to inform you.

Netizens respond to Kim Burrell’s video

The Everlasting Life singer received a lot of criticism for what Internet users considered cruel and hateful comments after the video was posted online.

Kim Burrell has always had a negative view of Christians, one person commented. She doesn’t make good use of her platform or use it in a positive way. However, she is not God. You have a private relationship with him. It’s not about church members. Don’t let anyone deprive you of that opportunity.

When the music stops, Kim Burrell is definitely not leading the life she describes in her songs, another user commented.

This is what we call gaslighting, said another user. We refer to this as a non-apology-apology. We refer to this as “doubling down on foolishness.” We refer to this as false responsibility. Essentially, I did it, but you guys did it to me too. Oh, and by the way, my lawyers are ready! What a farce Kim Burrell is.

Added another: Dayyyuum! To play Ursula, the evil sea witch, preacher Kim Burrell should be chosen because she, wow chili, she is evil, vicious and ignoble to the core.

I don’t care how talented singer Kim Burrell is, someone once said, “She’s a nasty person with horrible edges.”

Clarification from Kim Burrell on the trending video

Burrell posted a statement on Instagram in which he made an effort to characterize it as a joke. He later criticized the social media posts that were made after the comments on the church video. The singer-songwriter assured that slander is being spread about her since her statements were reported out of context.

Burrell stated in his statement:

“Be careful what is said about me in print or on camera, especially if it is untrue. Slander and defamation are not tolerated, especially if they involve my name, reputation or brand. Pages where hateful comments and false narratives have been established have been recognised, denounced and hopefully silenced. I will regret again if my comedy turned out to be malevolent, but I will never, ever condone abuse, defamation, or damage to my reputation.”

This is not the singer’s first encounter with controversy. Kim Burrell had already received a lot of criticism for her comments towards the LGBTQ community in 2016.

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