What did IShowSpeed ​​do? Youtuber handcuffed during live broadcast

Popular YouTuber IShowSpeed ​​was handcuffed by police during a live broadcast. IShowSpeed ​​has always been a YouTuber grabbing everyone’s attention for one reason or another. Well this time too, he was doing a live broadcast in the middle of which he had some uninvited guests with him. They were policemen who came and handcuffed him. But why did that happen?

Read on to know more about IShowSpeed ​​getting handcuffed by cops during a live broadcast.

IShowSpeed ​​receives uninvited guests during live streaming

IShowSpeed ​​has been a popular YouTuber who even has a following of 10 million subscribers. While he is always in the spotlight for some hard-to-miss content. His one of his live stream recently even had him set off fireworks inside his room. That ultimately necessitated a call for help to the fire department.

However, this time his live stream is again going viral and that’s because he had him in handcuffs. Well, no one but some cops came and did that to him. All of which happened during his live broadcast. Although everyone is confused as to why the police handcuffed him.

Why was IShowSpeed ​​handcuffed by policemen??

During his recent live stream, IShowSpeed ​​got some cops to his house. Where they put handcuffs on the youtuber’s hands since he had his hands behind his back. However, on the live stream, the YouTuber could be heard saying that he hasn’t done anything.

However, the live broadcast did not continue for long as a policeman interrupted it. Not to be missed was Adin Ross, the Twitch star who shared about the recent police outage of IShowSpeed. However, she spoke to IShowSpeed ​​and shared with her fans that she was fine.

IShowSpeed’s reaction to being handcuffed by cops

Adin Ross, who was facing a similar situation on August 7, shared that the youtuber had it too. However, fans of the youtuber have been waiting to hear the whole incident from the YouTuber himself. However, he has not said anything about it until now.

Nothing was also made clear from IShowSpeed’s interrupted live stream that caused the cops to handcuff him. In the meantime, the YouTuber may soon share what exactly happened to have the police at his house that day.

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