What did Ezra Miller do? as an actor charged with felony theft in Vermont

No one can really wrap everything up around Ezra Miller and how accurate the animator is. After many complaints and two arrests in Hawaii, he ended up in another dispute and is facing his third arrest around the same time. Entertainer Ezra Miller has been charged with felony robbery in Stamford, Vermont, the latest in a series of alleged incidents involving the troubled Flash star. In a police report reported Monday, Vermont State Police said they had responded to a burglary report in Stamford on May 1 and claimed some liquor jugs were stolen from the residence while the owners were away. After police advised surveillance footage and spoke to witnesses, Ezra Miller was found and charged shortly before midnight Sunday.

The police report says Miller received a summons to appear in Vermont superior court on September 26. The felony charge adds to Ezra Miller’s mounting legal problems and reports of his erratic behavior. The 29-year-old entertainer was arrested twice before in Hawaii, first for disorderly conduct and provocation at a karaoke bar in March, and then for second-degree assault less than a month after the fact.

Other accusations against Ezra Miller

The parents of 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes, a Native American activist, also recently filed a protective order against Ezra Miller, blaming their daughter’s grooming and other inappropriate behavior on her being under 12. Tokata Iron Eyes, the Native American activist, recently let Insider know that those charges were misleading. Ezra Miller’s attorneys did not quickly respond to requests for comment on the felony charge or the security request related to Tokata Iron Eyes.

Credit: Tim Wright/MEGA

There is also an allegation that Ezra Miller is allegedly housing a 25-year-old mother and her three children, who are between the ages of one and five, in his home in Vermont, with the property even incorporating an unlicensed grass ranch and a couple of weapons. There is no confirmation on this, except that it is certainly surprising. Be that as it may, Ezra Miller is still a piece of the DCEU’s The Flash and nothing has stopped Warner Bros from moving forward.

Credit: Tim Wright/MEGA

After appearing in a few movies for Warner Bros and DC Films as the Flash, Ezra Miller is starring in the upcoming standalone film The Flash, set for release in June 2023. However, last week Warner Bros cut the nearly finished Batgirl movie, the The studio has proposed that it stay focused on releasing The Flash. In an earnings report last week, David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, commented on The Flash: “We’ve seen The Flash, Black Adam and Shazam 2. We’re very excited about them.” We think they’re great and we want to make them surprisingly better, Zaslav said. Representatives for Warner Bros did not respond to the message.

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